A rare albino mink trapped by Grover Hill resident Jack Fetter is shown.

Just a month after rescuing a sea turtle in South Padre Island, Texas, local resident Jack Fetter added to his outdoor lineage in February.

The Grover Hill resident was approached in church by a lady that had a problem with something killing her Silver Marten rabbits. Fetter told her to set out a live trap and it wasn’t long before Fetter got a call.

“Around 11 at night, she calls me, and says, ‘Jack, you’re never going to believe this,’” explained Fetter.

To both their surprise, the rabbit predator turned out to a pure albino mink, which had killed over $1,000 in rabbits.

“When I saw that mink, I thought oh my goodness, it has pink eyes, a pink nose and it’s little pads were pink,” said Fetter. “He is one beautiful God’s creation. It’s one time where a mutation is very beautiful.”

The odds of a mink being albino from Fetter’s research with the ODNR have the odds at least 1 in 3,000, if not more.

Fetter’s love for the outdoors started as a 12-year-old when Fetter was taken on a squirrel hunt by a shoe salesman on a farm owned by Fetter’s father.

He went on to teach vocational agriculture at Paulding High School from 1967-70 after graduation from Ohio State with a dual major in animal science and biological science.

Ministry became Fetter’s calling in 1965 after a Billy Graham Crusade. Fetter spent 43 years with the Youth for Christ ministry team in Defiance.

He later developed a 28-acre wilderness camp on his property, which averaged 500-700 participants per year for 23 years.

His outdoor love added another chapter 10 years ago when he started Fetter and Friends Ministry.

“I love bragging about God’s creation,” said Fetter, who retired from Youth for Christ in 2012.

He takes the ministry to schools, YMCA camps, 4-H, bible school and to church youth groups. The ministry educates youths on hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors. The program features over 150 mounts and pelts. His biggest attraction is a 13-foot Nile crocodile that is a big hit with the kids.

Fetter currently enjoys running a religious release program for a few schools in Van Wert County.

Fetter is also a volunteer at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Ky. He was the first volunteer to help display live animals at the Ark Encounter.

Fetter’s favorite presentations are wild game dinners. His wish is to organize even more wild game dinners in the future.

If interested in learning more about Fetter and Friends, Fetter can be reached by phone (419-587-3660) or by email (jkfetter@tds.net).

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