Last season: 10-14 (2-5 GMC).

Head coach: Paul Stoll (4 years).

Letter winners lost: Chloe Franklin; Alayna Ryan; Charity Roebel; Kaitlyn Hamman; Kendall Billman.

Returning lettermen: Karsyn Brumett (Sr.); Alyssa Fuller (Sr.); Madison Boesch (Sr.); Heather Oberlin (Sr.); Alyvia DeVore (Sr.); Astianna Coppes (So.); Lydia Brewer (So.).

Promising newcomers: Grace Schuette (So.); Faith Nestleroad (So.).

Strengths: “We have a good mix of experience and youth.”

Weaknesses: “Working with a new setter.”

Overall Outlook: ”We hope to be competitive in the GMC.”

League outlook: “Tinora and Fairview should be the favorites to win the GMC.”


Last season: (3-4 NWOAL).

Head coach: Jill Holdgreve (5th year).

Letter winners lost: Gabby Nafziger (setter); Blair Bucklew (DS); Elee Kammeyer (hiter); Alexa Wilson (DS); Brittani Becher (hitter); Lacie Henry (DS); Kaitlyn Beck (hitter).

Returning lettermen: Kayla Boettger (Sr., hitter/DS); Lauren Coressel (Sr., hitter); Olivia Smith (Jr., hitter/DS); Hadley Galvan (Jr., hitter/DS); Addie Ziegler (So., setter/hitter).

Promising newcomers: Grace Ritta (Sr., hitter); Lucia Rodriguez (Jr., DS); Sophie Schramm (So., setter); Carsyn Hagans (So., hitter/DS).

Strengths: “We have a solid group of returnees and this group gelled so well this summer. They have sense of what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are and they guide each other to make us better.”

Weaknesses: “There are new athletes coming up with little varsity experience that will need to fill some big shoes left from last year. No experience in back row, only two with varsity experience.”

Overall Outlook: ”The NWOAL will be competitive as always. We are always working for that league title and are going to put in the extra time and work to get there. The league has some great teams this year and it will be a fun ride.”


Last season: 23-3 (6-1 GMC).

Head coach: Julie Gustwiller (13th year).

Letter winners lost: Ashlee Tressler (MH/DS); Aubrey Florence (OH/DS); Amanda Addington (MH/DS); Libbey Phipps (libero); Ally Samlow (OH/DS); Alexis Hagerman (libero).

Returning lettermen: Kryshel Dales (Sr., setter); Kaylynn Wellman (Jr., right side hitter).

Promising newcomers: Madison Rowe (Jr., DS); Nikki Fishpaw (Jr., OH/DS); Alison Mohr (libero); Lizzy Wank (OH); Kacee Okuley; (MH); Maci Froelich (OH/DS).

Strengths: “Hard working, dedicated team, experienced great setter, hustle and give it all attitude, ability to improve daily, aggressive serves.”

Weaknesses: “No experience in back row, only two with varsity experience.”

Overall Outlook: ”We will continue to improve throughout the season to be ready for tournament and we will be competitive in every match.”


Last season: 14-9 (5-2 NWOAL).

Head coach: Melanie Reinhart (12 years).

Letter winners lost: Kennedy Lamberson; Lexi Dietsch; Madison Johnson.

Returning letter winners: Jess Robb (Sr., MH); Kelly Miller (Sr., DS); Courtney Whetro (Sr., setter); McKendry Semer (Jr., OH); Abby Fernihugh (Jr., MH); Gwen Spengler (So., L).

Promising newcomers: Kloee Antigo (Jr., OH); Amaiah Valderas (So., OH); Grace Rohrer (Sr., OH); MaKenna Turner (Sr., DS).

Strengths: Experience, senior leadership, team chemistry.

Weaknesses: “Staying consistent throughout the whole game.”

Overall Outlook: ”Looking forward to a competitive season.”


Last season: 11-12 3-4 GMC).

Head coach: Samantha Savage-Lavin (2 years).

Letter winners lost: Claire Flegal (setter); Bree Hug (MH); Halle Siebenaler (MH0; Kendra Blue (DS); Paige Canales (DS); Megan Sullivan (OH); Melody Cheek (OH); Abbigail Hopkins (DS); Kayla Cobb (DS).

Returning letter winners: Heaven Imm (Sr., OH, GMC 1st team); Lydia Adams (Sr., MH); Emma Siebenaler (Sr., OH); GMC honorable mention); Coral Picillo (Sr., L); Ally Cape (Sr.); Casey Leppelmeier (Sr., MH).

Promising newcomers: Grace Nye (Sr., DS); Faith Herman (Sr., MH); Madison Smith (Sr., setter/DS); Zara McNalley (Sr., OH); Rylie Moreno (Jr., setter); Avrey Degryse (Jr., DS); Sadie Walther (Fr., OH).

Strengths: “Team chemistry, senior led team.”

Weaknesses: “Communication and consistency.”

Overall Outlook: Competitive.

League Outlook: “Tinora, Fairview and Ayersville are the teams to beat.”


Last season: 15-8 (6-1 NWOAL).

Head coach: Nichole Thanasiu (2 years).

Letter winners lost: Kori Kreuz (MB); Zoe VanOstrand (DS); Kelsie Komisarek (OH); Cecilia Silvestri (L).

Returning letter winners: Nicole ∫rand (Sr., MB); Savannah VanOstrand (Sr., right side hitter); Claire Conrad (Sr., setter); Mikayla Heintschel (Sr., L); Naomi Brand (Sr., OH); Kennedi Keifer (Sr., DS); McKenna Babcock (Jr., OH).

Promising newcomers: Madison Smith (Jr., MB); Gina Silvestri (Jr., right side hitter); Morgan Foster (Jr., MB).

Strengths: Offense. “We are returning our setter and OH, MH and right side hitter from our championship team.”

Weaknesses: “Passing, we graduated our four year letter winner libero.”

Overall Outlook: “We have a mature team, with seven seniors and are looking to take the momentum of last year into this season. We look to make a run in the tournament.”

League Outlook: “We look to defend our title and repeat. We look to use our experience to help guide us to another title.”


Last season: 4-18 (0-7 NWOAL).

Head coach: Brandi Lingruen (3rd year).

Letter winners lost: Morgan Jones (libero, NWOAL honorable mention); Loganne Weaver (hitter, NWOAL honorable mention); Steph McBride (hitter); Lilly McLaughlin (DS); Burgin Bachman (MH, NWOAL 1st team).

Returning letter winners: Rebekah Orr (DS); K.J. Weirauch (setter); Lucy Jones (MH); Sydney Jones (hitter).

Promising newcomers: Bethany Marlow (Sr., DS); Michaela Jeffers (Jr., libero); Claire Atkinson (Jr., hitter); Hailey Shank (Jr., hitter); Maddy Perry (Jr., setter); Jenna Jones (So., MH).

Overall Outlook: ”With hard work and dedication throughout the preseason, the team has been willing to put in the work it takes to develop and continue to rebuild the program. We have been making strides to get better and major improvement is expected.”

League outlook: “The NWOAL looks to be extremely competitive and the Tigers are hungry to make some noise.”


Last season: 14-9 (4-2 PCL).

Head coach: Kari Wenzinger (2nd year).

Letter winners lost: Brittany Kuhlman (Setter, 583 assists, 239 digs, 36 aces); Kylie Berner (right side hitter, 152 kills); McKenna Kuhlman (left side hitter); Maranda Berger (right side hitter); Amanda Schroeder (DS).

Returning letter winners: Katelyn HKuhlman (Sr., MB), 130 kills); Sofie van Wezel (Sr., MB, 153 kills); Cayla Troyer (Sr., L, 398 digs, 36 aces); Adrienne Kuhlman (Jr., setter); Tessa Oedy (So., DS); Abi Lammers (So., right side hitter, 321 digs, 146 kills); Abi Teders (So., Left side hitter, MB); Lexi Banks (So., right side hitter).

Promising newcomers: Lilly Otto (Jr., right side hitter, MH); Maddie Otto (Jr., left side hitter, MB); Adi Niese (Jr., DS).

Strengths: Experienced, this group of girls play as a team, are versatile players, quick and work hard.”

Weaknesses: “Except for our libero, we have a young back row. Overall, we are a young team.’

Overall Outlook: ”We hope to win the league and to have a winning season.”

League outlook: “Leipsic should be the favorite to win the league.”


Last season: 24-2 (9-0 WBL).

Head coach: Amber Gerdeman (1st year).

Letter winners lost: Alaina Schimmoeller (right side hitter); Kasey Ellerbrock (MH); Emily Wischmeyer (DS); Alyssa Gerten (DS); Kendra Ellerbrock (setter).

Returning letter winners: Claire Eiden (Sr., DS); Maddie White (Jr., OH); Erica Annesser (Sr., OH); Taylor Alt (Sr., OH); Saleigna Ellerbrock (right side hitter); Brianna Schimmoeller (setter).

Promising newcomers: Nicole Gerten (Sr., DS); Taylor Ricker (Sr., DS); Lexi Fortman (Jr., DS); Erin Kaufman (So., MH); Miya Ellerbrock (Fr., setter).

Strengths: “Serving and attacking.”

Overall outlook: “We have a lot of returning talent and strong leaders. We are looking to put our pieces together for a strong season.”


Last season: 10-12 (1-5 PCL).

Head coach: Ron Simons (2 years).

Letter winners lost: Addilyn Diller (Setter, over 1,600 assists).

Returning letter winners: Alexis Augsburger (Jr., DS); Alexis McCoy (Jr., setter); Madison Hovest (Jr., DS); Makayla Kinsinger (Jr., MH); Mikayla Simons (So., OH); Lillie Nofziger (So., setter); Lacie Fenstermaker (So., OH/MH).

Promising newcomers: Caitlyn Maag (Jr., right side hitter); Taelor Miller (So., MH/OH); Erin Shartell (so., right side hitter); Hailey Dysert (So., RS); Kendall Hovest (So., DS).

Strengths: “Have some good talent with varsity; experience. Very quick and eager to prove they can win.”

Weaknesses: Not very tall and lack depth.

Overall outlook: “Should finish better than last year, both overall and league.”


Last season: 11-12 (3-4).

Head coach: Hailey Nusbaum (4th year).

Letter winners lost: Becca Jones; Sara Kurtz; Abby Carrizales; Kylie Brinkman.

Returning lettermen: Audrey Sonnenberg (Sr., setter); Carissa Rosebrook (Sr., MH); Faith Bostelman (Sr., OH); Karly Weber (Sr., DS); Rachel Nickels (Sr., DS); Callie Seedorf (Sr., OH); Mckenzie Vance (Jr., MH); Abby McGraw (Jr., setter).

Promising newcomers: Ryanna Tietje (Sr., RSH); Taylor Crawford (Jr., DS).

Strengths: Experience, with eight returning letter winners.

Weaknesses: “Consistent communication, overthinking.”

Overall Outlook: ”With our hustle and experience, we should be able to compete at a high level, against our competition, consistently.”


Last season: 11-10 (8-2 NWC, tied for 3rd).

Head coach: Cheri Estle (2nd year).

Letterman lost: Haylee Dominique (2 letters), Kristen Razo (2 letters), Megan Trope (4 letters), Macy Iler (4 letters), Emma Horstman (1 letter), Asia Arrellano (2 letters), Mallory Taylor (2 letters), Sydney Price (1 letter), Zoe Shepherd (1 letter).

Returning lettermen: Sadie Estle (Jr., MH, 2 letters, NWC POY, first team all-district), Jalynn Parrett (Jr., OH, 1 letter, second team NWC, HM all-district), Leigha Egnor (Jr., S/OH, 1 letter).

Promising newcomers: Katie Steyer (Sr., MH), Maggie Manz (Jr., OH), Gabbie Stallbaum (Jr., OH), Kaeli Bustos (Jr., OH), Baylee March (Jr., OH/D), Janae Pease (So., L), Claire Schweller (So., S).

Strengths: “These junior girls have played together since seventh grade. Many of them play club ball and that only makes them better. We will have a very deep bench, talent-wise.”

Weaknesses: “Only three players have varsity experience but the others have been on varsity teams in other sports.”

Overall Outlook: ”I’m optimistic, these girls work hard and don’t give up. That will make them very competitive.”

League outlook: “Crestview and Lincolnview will be very strong again this year and we can’t overlook Ada or Grove. We hope to be contenders for the league title.”


Last season: 17-7 (12-0 BBC), sectional champs.

Head coach: John Horning (14th year).

Letterman lost: Morgan Leppelmeier (BBC player of the year); Mauricea Crouch (BBC 1st team); Bekah Holsopple.

Returning lettermen: Danielle King (Sr.); Ryeanna Klopfenstein (Sr.); Mikayla Graber (Sr.); Megan King (Sr.); Anelli Shaw (Sr.).

Strengths: Five returning letter winners. “Hard working and desire to improve every day.”

Weaknesses: “Players in new positions at the varsity level.”

Overall Outlook: ”We want to improve every day and take the season one match at a time. We should be competitive in all our matches and hope to be playing our best ball at the end of the season.”

League outlook: “I think our league will be competitive and I hope we bring our best effort every night.”


Last season: 11-13 (9-3 BBC).

Head coach: Ally Moore (2nd year).

Letter winners lost: Brittney Haines (libero, BBC 1st team); Emma Grime (setter/OH, BBC 1st team); Erica Breier (DS); Breanna Doriot (hitter); Jenna Ramon (DS); Breanna Wolfrum (DS); Katelyn Tingley (hitter).

Returning letter winners: Kalista Blevins Sr., OH, BBC honorable mention); Makenzie Cadwell (Sr., MH); Courtney Stewart (Sr., OH/DS, BBC 2nd team); Kinsey Myers (Jr., setter/OH).

Promising newcomers: Emilyanne Cox (Sr., DS0; Shauna Miehls (Sr., right side hitter); Caitlyn Lyons (Jr., DS); Ariane Dangler (Jr., hitter); Brianna Breier (So., MH); Haylee Fulk (So., setter); Sage Woolace (Fr., libero).

Strengths: “The connection the girls have with one another, on and off the court. We have some great leaders who have truly stepped up and filled some important roles and brought our team closer together.”

Weaknesses: “We had to rework our lineup numerous times to fill spots, especially with Courtney Stewart’s injury. We only have three returning letter winners.”

Overall Outlook: ”Our girls have really worked hard over the summer and put in a lot of extra work. They continue to improve every day and push themselves at practice.”

League outlook: “The girls always make it a goal to be league champions and we work hard for it every year and this year will be nothing less.”


Last season: 14-9 (3-4 NWOAL), sectional champs.

Head coach: Kyle Borer.

Letter winners lost: Riley Gardner (OH); Ellie Beroske (MH).

Returning letter winners: Alexis Sarvo (Sr., MH, 148 kills, 161 serve receptions, 319 assists, 266 digs); Ashlynn Waddell (Sr., OH, 229 kills); Jessica Dohm (Sr., OH, 187 kills, 155 serve receptions, 224 digs); Kylie Ulch (Sr., DS, 48 aces, 315 serve receptions, 271 digs); Alexis Bergman (Sr., right side hitter, 209 digs, 287 serve receptions); Sammi Taylor (Jr., setter/right side hitter, 158 assists, 241 serve receptions, 369 digs); Avril Roberts (Jr., MH).

Promising newcomers: Bailey Brownfield (Jr., OH); Bailey Arnold (Jr., DS); Olivia Bergman (Sr., right side hitter); Sofie Taylor (Fr., setter/right side hitter); Katlyn Floyd (Fr., MH/OH); Trista Eitniear (So., MH/OH).

Strengths: “Depth, experience, many players are versatile and can play many positions.”

Weaknesses: Lack of height.

Overall Outlook: ”Expectations are high. We’ve had a lot of growth and success this summer at camps, which gives us hope for this season.”

League outlook: “We expect to compete for the league championship.”


Last season: 20-6 (6-1 NWOAL), district champs.

Head coach: Kelsey Wolfe.

Letter winners lost: Lexi Sauber (player of the year); Maddie Trejo (NWOAL first team); Tamera Smith.

Returning letter winners: Sydney Zirkle (Sr., OH, NWOAL honorable mention); Kelcy Blanchong (Sr., L, NWOAL 2nd team); Chelsie Raabe (Jr., MH, NWOAL honorable mention); Skylar Reckner Sr., DS, NWOAL honorable mention); Harlee Floss (Sr., DS; Delanie Rpoush (Sr., right side hitter); Cameron Estep (So., OH).

Promising newcomers: Marisa Seiler (So., MH/setter); Aaliyah Glover (Sop., DS); Drue Roush (Fr., right side hitter).

Strengths: “Variety of offensive threats, strong defensively, seven returning letter winners.”

Weaknesses: Communication.

Overall Outlook: ”With seven returnees, we should have a very successful season. I’m looking to compete with everyone we play.”

League outlook: “The league will be very competitive. We only play each other once, so we have to be on our game every night.”


Last season: 13-10 (2-5 GMC).

Head coach: Katey Lloyd (1st year).

Letter winners lost: Ali Hefner (MH, 238 kills, 61 blocks); Brooke Greulach (DS, 45 aces); Kaylee Shepherd (OH/setter, GMC honorable mention); Meagan Speice (OH), 99 kills); Olivia Egnor (OH, 97.8 serve percentage); Sadie Sinn (DS, GMC 2nd team).

Returning letter winners: Miriam Sinn (Sr., OH/DS, 31 aces); Katie Stoller (Jr., Setter); Morgan Hefner (So., MH, 92 kills, 24 blocks).

Promising newcomers: Gracie Shepherd (Fr., MH); Rachel Stoller (So., MH); Katrina Stoller (Jr., OH/DS).

Strengths: Speed. “Offensively, we will not have any problems getting to balls and being an aggressive threat at the net. Our serving game is also strong.”

Weaknesses: With six letter winnners lost, inexperience.

Overall Outlook: ”The Raider volleyball team should be competitive in all areas of the game. We are making huge strides and look to be a quick, defensive team to utilize what we have coming in offensively.”

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