This week, in conjunction with the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, Defiance College and its athletic department are honoring seniors who were part of spring sports in 2020.

Softball is the second sport featured and the seniors on this year’s team included Brooke Gostomsky (Covington, Ohio/Covington), Mariah Huff (Galloway, Ohio/Mogadore), Jada Lopez (Leipsic, Ohio/Leipsic), Jessica Mello (Vermilion, Ohio/Vermilion), Arianna Richards (Covington, Ohio/Covington) and Sydney Zeuch (Mason, Ohio/Mount Notre Dame).

BROOKE GOSTOMSKY — First Base/Third Base/Pitcher

Hometown: Covington, Ohio.

High School: Covington.

Four years in the program

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science

Future Plans: “Attending the University of Findlay to obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose because it’s a small campus community that is close knit. The people at DC make every moment memorable. Being able to play softball and be involved with many other things on campus.”

Favorite DC Memory: “The unbelievable support from the students, faculty and staff at DC for every game is incredible. You can’t play a game without someone mentioning it to you the next day.”

Career Statistics: 130 games, 404 at-bats, 94 runs (tied for fourth all-time at DC), 138 hits, 33 doubles (second all-time), six triples (tied for seventh all-time), 18 home runs (tied for first all-time), 85 RBIs (eighth all-time), five steals, .342 average; three starts, 1-2 record, 13 innings, eight strikeouts, 2.69 ERA (pitching stats all in 2016-17).


Hometown: Galloway, Ohio.

High School: Mogadore.

Three years in the program

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degree: B.S., Exercise Science (minor, psychology)

Future Plans: “I will be pursuing a career in exercise science until I start grad school in January.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose Defiance because of the small campus community, and the faculty and staff at DC genuinely showing interest to see you graduate prepared for the ‘real world.’”

Favorite DC Memory: “Out of my three years at DC, two being a student-athlete and one being a student manager, the support from the campus and the amount of memories made it an extraordinary experience to remember. Being able to continue on and off the field is something I will always cherish and be thankful for.”

Career Statistics: 43 games, 98 at-bats, 35 hits, 10 doubles, three home runs, 24 RBIs, .357 average.

JADA LOPEZ — Second Base

Hometown: Leipsic.

High School: Leipsic.

Four years in the program

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degree: B.S., Exercise Science

Future Plans: “I plan on pursuing a job in the exercise science field, and start a traveling career in exercise science.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose Defiance because the campus is small, and everyone knows everybody. Being at Defiance has been amazing, and a lot of memories have been made due to these people.”

Favorite DC Memory: “Being at Defiance and playing the sport I love for four more years and making amazing memories with my seniors and teammates that I will never forget. Also, the support that the softball team received from everyone and all the other sports teams on campus.”

Career Statistics: Two at-bats, one hit, one RBI.

JESSICA MELLO — Outfielder

Hometown: Vermilion, Ohio.

High School: Vermilion.

Three years in the program (also on the women’s basketball team for one season)

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degree: B.S., Early Childhood Education/Intervention Specialist (minor, autism studies)

Future Plans: “Once I finish my undergrad in education, I plan on pursuing a teaching job to begin next fall.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose DC because on my visit I fell in love with the small campus community. Being at Defiance has allowed me to not only be a student-athlete but also participate in many organizations and clubs that have prepared me for the future. I have met lifelong friends at DC and I am forever grateful for the four years I’ve spent at this amazing institution.”

Favorite DC Memory: “Over the last four years I have experienced so many amazing memories as a student-athlete that it is hard to just choose one. From 5 a.m. practices, long bus rides, and to competing with my best friends, I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to be a student-athlete at Defiance College.”

Career Statistics: 49 games, 58 at-bats, 22 runs, 15 hits, two RBIs, seven steals, .259 average.


Hometown: Covington, Ohio.

High School: Covington.

Four years in the program (transfer)

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degree: B.S., Social Work

Future Plans: “To attend graduate school at the University of Maryland to pursue a master’s in social work.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose Defiance because my best friend went there, giving me many opportunities to visit, and when I was looking to transfer schools I already had a great group of friends at DC.”

Favorite DC Memory: “My favorite memory of being a DC student-athlete is much bigger than a single day or game. Being a DC student-athlete meant that I had the opportunity to build friendships that will last a lifetime, always had an amazing support system, and constantly laughed at the most random things. The experience in itself was an eventful, but very memorable and amazing opportunity.”

Career Statistics: 102 games, 176 at-bats, 42 runs, 43 hits, three doubles, 16 RBIs, 10 steals, .244 average.


Hometown: Mason, Ohio.

High School: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame.

Three years in the program

Graduation Date: May 2020

Degrees: B.S., Social Work/Associate of Arts, Criminal Justice

Future Plans: “I will be attending the University of Cincinnati for grad school. I begin classes June 24; until then I plan to spend time with family and friends before I become super busy.”

Why You Chose DC: “I chose DC because of how small the campus was and the people throughout the community. I have met so many amazing people through softball, class and other sports teams.”

Favorite DC Memory: “Being able to play the sport I love with my best friends again. Making countless memories and having fun. Putting on a Defiance Yellow Jackets jersey is truly something special. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

Career Statistics: 39 appearances, 29 starts, 17-8 record, two saves, 11 complete games, 173 innings pitched, 50 strikeouts, 3.28 ERA.

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