Head coach: Jason Hale.

Record: Eighth in the GMC.

Returning lettermen: Luke Brewer (Sr., GMC champ in the pole vault); Divyne East (Sr., Regional qualifier in the 300 hurdles); Jake Ryan (Sr., 1600 and 3200); Nick McCreery (Jr., sprints, throws); Quincy Brinneman (Jr., sprints, throws); Jordan Buerkle (So, sprints); Landyn ®eyes (So., 1600); Eric Thronell (throws, distance).

Promising newcomers: Tim Taylor (Jr., sprints); Jagger Landers (Fr., throws); Gaige McMichael (Fr., hurdles); Stephon Walker (Fr., pole vault, sprints).

Strengths: Team chemistry, senior leadership and experience. “More than 50 athletes gives us a chance to compete in each event”.

Weaknesses: “A lack of experience by more than half the team.”

Overall outlook: “If we can develop in the field events, we can score very well there. We will rely heavily on our seniors to lead us and help the young athletes learn what it takes to compete. I want to improve our placing from conference last year. To do that, we hve to get better every day in practice.

League outlook: The league is going to be very competitive and I think the league meet will be very solid with several schools believing they can be successful.


Head coach: Dan Mix.

Record: Third in the GMC.

Lettermen lost: Matt Thieroff (regional qualifier 3200 relay); Nick Brown; Isaac Hinojosa; Hunter miles; Kyle Nicely Thieroff (regional qualifier in the pole vault); Ethan Schlachter; Darion Tracy.

Returning lettermen: Layne Froelich; Lukas Calhoun; Evan Clark; Ryan Clark; Noah Davila; Noah Fisher (state champion cross country, national indoor qualifier 5000, state runner up 3200, third place indoor 3200); Andrew Miler; Logan Schlachter; Ben Seigman (regional qualifier 3200 relay); Garrett Shreve; Chase Vollmar (regional qualifier 400 and 3200 relay); Conner Youngker.

Promising newcomers: Tyson Bidlack; Hayden Dales; Chase Diemer; Isaac Schindler; Trevor Johnson; Shane Long; Isaac Miler; Brandon Swope; Derian Treat; Bradley; Young; James Zimmerman.

Strengths: “We have strengths in all areas of throws, sprints and distance.”

Weaknesses: Lack of depth, low numbers.

Overall outlook: “We have a very strong in areas with the potential of two to three athletes scoring strong in several events.”


Head coach: Doug Rakes.

Record: First in the GMC.

Lettermen lost: Lane Kolb; Garrett Carpenter; Thomas Vance; Shamar Midgett; Jaxon Hart.

Returning lettermen: Eric Culler; Nick Reed; Kevin Macsay; Noah Hagerman; Ethan Thompson; Luke Timbrook; Kaden Blair; Noah Volz; Treyvon Hastings; Doug Rakes; Chase Fadley.

Promising newcomers: Colt Osmun; Mitchell Breckler; Chris Yagel; Max Woenker.

Strengths: Sprints, Sprint relays, distance, field events.

Weaknesses: “We lost a lot of solid distance athletes, so we will have a couple of inexperienced guys in the 1600 and 3200 relays. Developing those athletes will be a key to our success.”

Overall outlook: “We return a well rounded, competitive group, but aren’t as experienced as we have been the past couple of seasons.”

League outlook: “We return a few guys who scored well in last year’s GMC meet, but also lost a number of key pieces. We should be in the mix, if we are able to develp depth. Edgerton, Wayne Trace and Hicksville should also be competitive in the GMC.”


Head coach: Jeff Haught.

Record: Fourth in the GMC.

Lettermen lost: Arman Haver; Mason Van Atta; Logan Sanderson; Payton Tunis; Case Van Atta; Dylan Early; Landon Turnbull.

Returning lettermen: Gunnar Carwhile (Sr., throws); Michael Myers (Sr., distance); Kody Schooley (Sr., sprints, middle distance); Josh White (Sr., throws); Josh Carns (Jr., throws); Mason Commisso (Jr., sprints); Owen Allen (Jr., sprints, middle distance); Marcus Dreher (Jr., sprints, pole vault); Josh Swift (Jr., hurdles); Boston Hootman (So., throws); Jack Figgins (So, discus, hurdles); Kole Wertman (So., sprints); Chase Railing (So., throws).

Promising newcomers: Elias Delagrange; Ephraim Delagrange; James Greer; Ian Greutman; Jo Ankney; Kyler Baird; Ashton Gilbert; josh Myers; Grant Nelson; Ethan Potter; Isaac Wilhelm.

Strengths: “We have a good core of experienced athlets back. We are very excited about a good group of new athletes, with lots of potential. We expect to ve very competitive in most events.”

Weaknesses: “We have some events where we are weak or unproven. We will need some of our athletes to step up their perfomances to fill those voids.

Overall outlook: “We have a good group of kids who are working very hard and I believe that we will put avery competitive team on the track.”

League outlook: “The GMC race should be wide open. I don’t know that there is currently a clear cut favorite (but) there are probably two or three teams who could win the league. Fairview has won the last few years. Time will tell if someone can unset them.”


Head coach: Scott Giesige.

Record: Seventh in the GMC.

Lettermen lost: Andrew Blakley (throws); Jacob Harris (sprints); Ben Like; Tallon Meyer; Wyatt Schwab; Darion Schwartzengraber.

Returning lettermen: Cole Snyder (Sr., long jump/sprints); Cody Sonnenberg (Sr., distance); Ethan altman (Jr., pole vault/sprints); Avery Cassillas (Jr., distance); Owen Fry (So., sprints); Hayden Hartman (So., distance); Garrett Sidle (So., middle distance); Luke Wenner (Jr., sprints).

Overall outlook: “Our strength will definitely be in our distance and middle distance, led by Sonnenberg, Casillas and Hartman. Wenner will provide scoring depth in the sprints, along with Snyder in the long jump. Overall, we have good numbers at the high school and junior high levels and are headed in the right direction. We just need to keep working all year long to keep getting better, day after day.”

League outlook: “Fairview and Wayne Trace always seem to be ahead of the rest of the conference, although I think the gap is narrowing.”


Head coach: Jim Winseman.

Record: Fifth in the GMC.

Lettermen lost: Andrew Ehlers (state qualifier 1600); Spencer Martin (regional qualifier shot put); Connor Gilbert (regional qualifier discus); Jordan Bowers (regional qualifier 800 relay, 400 relay).

Returning lettermen: Clay Bowden (Sr., regional qualifier 3200 relay); Isiah Colon (regional qualifier 400, 800 relay, 400 relay); Landon Rinkel (Sr., regional qualifier 400 relay, 800 relay); Brady Stykemain (Sr.); Christopher Ferguson (Jr. regional qualifier 3200 relay); Evan Flory (So.); Jared Grieser (So.); Clay Carpenter (So., regional qualifier 3200 relay); Jacob Cramer (So.).

Promising newcomers: Mark Bobb (Sr.); Tony Pahl (Sr.); Paul Colon (Fr.); Lance Rinkel (Fr.); Neil Zhao (Fr.); Brysen Bigley (Fr.).

Strengths: “Great senior leadership and quite a few athletes with regional experience.”

Weaknesses: “A lot of young kids.”

Overall outlook: “We have some really good athletes. If we can get some of our younger athletes to step up and fill some key spots in relays and other events, we could definitely surprise some people.”

League outlook: “Ayersville, Hicksville and Fairview are always tough and as of right now, we are a middle of the pack team.”


Head coach: Troy Branch (13th season)

Record: Second in the GMC.

Returning lettermen: Noah Hasch (Sr.), Evan Mohr (Sr.), Austin Reed (Sr.), Tyce Homier (Jr.), Nate Showalter (Jr.), Andrew Sinn (Sr.),

Promising newcomers: Isaac Head (So.), Owen Manz (So.), Eli Moore (So.), Ethan Moore (So.), Carson Rupp (So.), Zane Shaffer (Jr.), Riley Stoller (So.), Jacob Stouffer (So.), Matthew Stouffer (Sr.), Gage Tinlin (So.), Garrett Williamson (So.)

Strengths: “Our numbers are very solid with 31 participants this year. Depth should be a strength due to the numbers and we have some guys who will be able to score in multiple events.”

Weaknesses: Youth. “We have a dozen freshmen and nine sophomores, so we are very young. They are working hard, but they still need to make the adjustment to varsity track.”

Overall outlook: “I am looking forward to the season, to see how this group progresses. They are working hard and getting better, but we just have a lot of kids that we can use in multiple areas. This group is probably going to be a work in progress, until we see how things come along.”

League outlook: “The league is going to be very competitive and I think the league meet will be very solid, with several schools believing they can be successful.”



Head coach: Nathan Massie.

Record: Third in the BBC.

Lettermen lost: Sam Shilling (Hurdles, high jump, long jump); Austin Schaffner (shot put, discus).

Returning lettermen: Hayden Brown (Jr., 100,200); Carson Mahlman (Jr., shot put, discus); Adley McNeal (Jr., pole vault); Nash Kuney (Jr., sprints); Zakk Horton (Jr., 800).

Promising newcomers: Alex Richmond (Fr., high jump, sprints); Wyatt Betz (Fr., pole vault, distance); Alex Stephens (Fr., shot put).

Strengths: Sprints.

Weaknesses: Experience, distance.

Overall outlook: “To compete and get better.”


Head coach: Troy Roth.

Record: BBC champs.

Lettermen lost: Bradey Clair; Evan Friend; Alex Abrams; Jaden BanTong; Kolden Uribes; Justin Wiyrick.

Returning lettermen: Brandon Stein; Tre Hutchinson; Austin Goodnight; Blake Bumb; Daniel Belknap; Cjandler Byers; Rowen Beck; Tyler Phongphiou; Eric Short; Clay Turner (injured); Thomas Jay; Anthony Strubberg; Jaret Dye; Peyton Pease.

Promising newcomers: Tyler Micheal; Andre Aguirre.

Strengths: Speed.

Overall outlook: “We are still blessed with good speed. We should be able to compete and challenge for every invite title that we enter. The relays will be very; strong and we will have good individuals in each race also. (We are) looking forward to a successful season.”


Head coach: Doug Faler.

Record: Fifth in the BBC.

Lettermen lost: Tyler Richmond; Zac turner; Hunter Wilson; Keean Livensparger; Ryan France; Evan Munger.

Returning lettermen: Blake Sakos (Sr., distance); Josh Wehrle (Sr., sprints, distance, second in the BBC 800).; Evan Traxler (Jr., distance); Evan Livengood (So., pole vault); Koleman Faler (Jr., sprints).

Promising newcomers: Tucker Beres (Fr., hurdles, high jump).

Strengths: “we have a good group of hard working men that push themselves on and off the track. They know the importance of being a team and building each other up, while pushing each other to be their best.”


Head coach: Gabe Jaramillo and Marty Rupp.

Record: Fourth in the BBC.

Returning lettermen: Calvin Nofziger (Sr.); Zach Morrison (Sr.); Graeme Jacoby (Jr.); Heath Waidelich (So.); Ben Morris (So.); Justice Beck (So.).

Strengths: Shot put, pole vault, hurdles.

Weaknesses: Low numbers. “We will struggle to keep pace scoring throughout an entire meet.”

Overall outlook: “we look to be competitive and score well in the events that we will be able to fill with our athletes.”

League outlook: “It will prove to be difficult to compete with the teams in our league that will have larger teams, but we hope to have a few athletes compete for individual league titles.”



Head coach: Virgil Bohls.

Lettermen lost: Garrett Ricketts (hiogh jump); Collin Moore (distance); Justin Majewski (distance); Aaron Bostelman (sprints, long jump); Aleksander Thomas (sprints); Chris Krass (pole vault).

Returning lettermen: Ed Bump (Sr., middle distance, high jump); Kyle Rettig (Sr., throws); Jasper Purcell (So., distance); Ryan Oberhaus (Sr., distance); Dylan Rittenhouse (Jr., sprints); Daniel Gaffney (Jr., distance, three time state qualifier in cross country); Josh Gaffney (Jr., hurdler); Alex Krass (Sr., sprints, long jump, pole vault); Brandon Moll (Sr., sprints, long jump); Isaac Franz (Jr., sprints, long jump, pole vault); Preston Hinojosa (Jr., sprints, long jup); Josh Gerken (Jr., distance).

Promising newcomers: “There are 17 guys who are largely unknown to us, until we see them perform.”

Strengths: “Top scorer and top thrower, along with one of the top sprinters returns.”

Weaknesses: “We have 36 guys, a small team for us. Nineteen are returnees. Most of them have some varsity experience, although not to the depth that we will need from them this year.”


Head coach: Brian Heebsh.

Record: Seventh in the WBL.

Lettermen lost: Brent Siefker (regional qualifier, 1600); Caleb Verhoff (regional qualifier, shot put).

Returning lettermen: Josh Rosengarten (Sr., distance); Connor Niese (Sr., distance); Dwayne Quinn (Sr., sprints); Shawn Beverly (Jr., sprints); Garret Croy (Jr., middle distance); Eric Heebsh (Jr., sprints); Clay Recker (Jr., sprints, fourth in the WBL in the 400); Solomon Bensman (Jr., sprints).

Promising newcomers: Connor Haselman (So., pole vault); Gavin Hedrick (So., hurdles); Murray Niese (So., sprints); Marco Rosales (So., throws); Carter Schroeder (so., hurdles); Ian Fenbert (Fr., middle distance).

Strengths: Eight returning lettermen who were competitive in the league and districts. “They are a hard working bunch that are improving each year and are excited about their potential this season. These young men are a class act and will serve as excellent leaders for the large number of freshmen and sophomores.”



Head coach: Dina Gladieux.

Record: Third in the NWOAL.

Returning lettermen: 14.

Promising newcomers: 18, including nine freshman.

Overall outlook: “I’m anxious to seehow these new individuals combined with the returning athletes will improve the overall composition of the team.”


Head coach: Richard Will.

Record: Second in the NWOAL.

Returning lettermen: Keegan Brown (Sr.); Konner Lamb (Sr.); Drew Peters (Sr.); Isaiah Taylor (Sr.); Thibaut Woolace (Sr.); Tyler Manon (Jr.); Brycen Andrews (Sr.); Matthew Herold (Sr.); Connor Pelland (Jr.); Alex Potvin (Sr.); Ethan Cox (Jr.); Travis Baughman (Jr.); Lucas Will (So.).

Promising newcomers: Titus Rohrer (So.); Kellen Rigg (Fr.); Joshua Taylor (Fr.); Blake Grube (Fr.); A.J. Martinez.

Strengths: Middle distance, 400 relay, hurdles, throws.

Weaknesses: Inexperience in the relays, with some big holes to fill.

Overall outlook: “We have a large group of boys out this spring. We anticipate the first four to five weeks of competitition to help us decide where to put our emphasis. There is much athletic talent and we’ll see how far this will take us.”

League outlook: “(We’re) hoping for a top three league finish and as many as possible qualifying for the postseason.”


Head coach: Mary Reighard.

Record: Seventh in the NWOAL.

Lettermen lost: Jarren Heineman, Atreyo O’Neal.

Returning lettermen: Hunter Tresnan-Reighard (Jr., eighth in the state in discus, regional qualifier shot put); Nate Kohlhofer (Sr., regional qualifier shot put; Nick Shericxk (So.); Walker Sniegowski (Jr.); Kai Fox (So.); Blake Schauwecker (So.); Darren Dunning (So.); Kaleb Barnes (So.).

Promising newcomers: Dakota Davis (Fr.); Shawn Cook (Fr.); Austin Kohlhofer (Fr.).

Strengths: Throws and sprints.

Weaknesses: Youth.

League outlook: “I’m confident we will be ready to move out of the bottom of the league and start climbing the ladder towards the top.”


Head coach: Ryan Borer.

Record: Sixth in the NWOAL.

Lettermen lost: Anthony Howard (regional qualifier 800); Isaac Thomas; Josh Kohlhofer.

Returning lettermen: Brett Bettinger (Sr., distance); Dylan Gilsdorf (Sr., high jump, distance); Donovan Avalos (Sr. middle distance); Dean Croskey (Sr., shot put); Xavier Williams (Sr., sprints); Blake Szalapski (So., long jump, middle distance).

Promising newcomers: Randy Slink (Sr., high jump); Bryce Marvin (Fr.)Dakota Davis (Fr.); Shawn Cook (Fr.); Austin Kohlhofer (Fr.).

Overall outlook: “We are experienced in the distance events and high jump and will rely on our returning lettermen to guide us in hopes of competing well and getting better as the season progresses.”


Head coach: Joe Allen.

Record: NWOAL champions and district co-champions.

Lettermen lost: Lukas Dominique; Junior Martinez; Brandon Moore; Owen Newlove; Cam Sauber; Kyle Vernot (fifth in the state in the 1600); Kyle Zirkle Fifth in regional discus); Josh Lowry (seventh in the state in the 3200).

Returning lettermen: Xavier Torres (Sr., regional qualifier long jump); Michael Cheezan (Sr., regional qualifier 800); Braden hernandez (Sr., sprints); J.T. Hutchinson (Jr., hurdles); Owen King (Jr., throws); Greg Moore (Jr., jumps); Andrew Pile (Jr., jumps); Sammy Sosa (Jr., throws); Noah Tester (Jr., sprints); Damian Veith (Jr., sprints); Andrew Figgins (So., hurdles); Benicio Vielma (so., hurdles); Noah Sauber (So., sprints); Braden Vernot (So., distance); Layton Willson (So., distance).

Promising newcomers: Samuel Blanco (So, sprints); Anthony Cheezan (Fr., distance); Braxton Goings (Fr., sprints); Carter Hite (So., distance); Dylan Michael (Sr., jumps); Carter Nofziger (Fr., distance); Zach Pfund (Fr., sprints); Davon Ramos (Jr., sprints); Jonas Tester (Fr., sprints); Luke Tester (Fr., throws); Hunter Wasnich (Fr., distance); Isaac Wilson (So., athlete); Jaytin Windisch (Fr., throws).

Strengths: “We once again have great numbers, with more than 50 athletes. That will help us to win some smaller meets.”

Weaknesses: Inexperience. Overall, very young, with just eight senior lettermen.

Overall outlook: “The success of this year really depends on how we can develp our undercassmen. We have some talent, but we will have to work to find the best fit for our team.”

League outlook: “I can see Bryan, Archbold and Liberty Cetner battling for the top spot. We just hope to be in contention becasue of how much we lost from last year’s team.”



Head coach: Chris Grothaus.

Record: First in the PCL, First in the NWC.

Returning lettermen: Grant Mumaugh (Sr., distance); Jordan Bellman (Sr., distance); Grayson Flores (Sr., sprints); Hunter Roethlisberger (Sr., throws); Dane Selby (Sr., high jump); Isauah DeLuna (Sr., throws); Caiden Watkins (Jr.); Deuce Alt (Jr.); Evan Hopkins (Jr., pole vault); Tanner Smith (Jr.); breece Pingle (Jr., distance); Cody Tabler (So., hurdles); Aeke Halker (So., jumps); Jon Banal (So., hurdles, long jump); Gabe Clement (So., polevault, sprints); Ethan Halker (So., throws).

Promising newcomers: Jarid Goedde (Sr., sprints); Collin Metzger (Fr., sprints); Caleb Stechschulte (Fr., distance); Ezra Jones (So.).

Strengths: “”We have 17 letter winners back, so we expect our team depth to be much improved this season. We should be very strong in field events, as well as having greath depth in our middle distance and distance events.”

Weaknesses: “We need to improve in the sprints and find more depth in our throws. We are still a little bit young, so we will need to find a way to peak at the right time.”

Overall outlook: “Our goals are to repeat as conference champions, but also to advance a smany athletes as possible to regionals and to state. We have an excellent freshman class coming in who will have an immediate impact.”

League outlook: “Kalida has great speed and will be extremely strong in sprints and field events. (Plus), Pandora-Gilboa also has some great athletes back. In the NWC, Bluffton is loaded again and Lincolnview has a very strong program.”


Head coach: Mindi Bradford.

Record: Fifth in the PCL.

Lettermen lost: Christian Keller; William McMonigan; Garrett Recker; Eli Troyer (state qualifier high jump).

Returning lettermen: Taron Butler (Sr.); Jaden Warner (Sr.); Noah Becher (Jr.); Trevor Brecht (FJr.); Karson Prowant (Jr.); Wyatt Stauffer (Jr.); Isaac Gibbs (So.); Connor Maag (So.); Curtis Mansfield (So.).

Promising newcomers: Wyatt Davis (Fr.); Caden Garcia (Fr.); Elijah Mayes (Fr.); Dominic Moore (Fr.); Zach Okuly (Fr.); Luke Recker (Fr.); David Speiser (Fr.); Dalys Tice (Fr.).

Weaknesses: Youth, only two seniors and only 17 on the roster.

Overall outlook: “With the majority of the roster being freshmen (eight), who have strong work eitics, we look at that to be a factor in how the entire team performs. Taron (Butler) and Jaden (Warner) have worked in the weight room since last track season and I think that will help them achieve their goals. We have some promising freshmen sprinters, with Davis and Speiser.”


Head coach: Mike Terrian.

Record: Third in the PCL.

Letterman lost: Cameron Hilty.

Returning lettermen: Sam Burkholder; Bryce Basinger; Austoin Miller; Nick Norton; Riley Larcom; Travis Maag; Jackson Ridge; Gage Hovest; Zach Duling; Levi Ladden.

Promising newcomers: Will Huffman; Cole Wentz.

Strengths: Jackson Ridge (regional qualifier in the 400); Riley Larcom (second in the PCL in the long jump and regional qualifier); Travis Maag (first in the PCL in the 300 hurdles).

Overall outlook: “Our team is balanced and will score points in most events. Our upper class is talented and will be successful.”

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