Time for a new president

I really believe in “capitalism.” It is a great practice that has worked well for this country until the late 1990s and early 2000s. But it has now changed from “capitalism” to “legalism,” which has benefited a small percentage of the population.

President Trump states he has made all his money legally, and for once he’s telling some truth. You can make things legal in order to rob, cheat and take advantage of people — situations like so many are doing these days.

During President Bush’s administration, the housing market crisis evolved into home prices being extremely inflated due to the housing bubble. Many families were filing bankruptcy while some home sellers inflated the prices of their homes, making large profits on homes the average family could not afford. President Bush did nothing to put plans in place to prevent this major financial downfall. It can be summed up with the word “greed.”

It goes back to President John Kennedy when he made that famous quote, “it’s not what your country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country.” President Trump in his snarly manner of speaking and tweeting actually spoke that famous quote, but he quoted it backward.

President Trump has only looked out for himself and his family’s interests. He has replaced several cabinet members and people in government agencies for the simple reason he did not agree with their ideas and ethics.

I have voted as a Republican all my adult life, but when President Bush did not take the responsibility by putting practices in place to preserve and improve our declining financial institutions, housing institutions and the American people’s interests, I chose not to vote for John McCain and instead voted for President Barack Obama. President Obama and First Lady Michelle always addressed the American people with compassion and integrity, and listened to issues that affected citizens of all walks of life and backgrounds.

President Trump spoke in a negative manner when commenting about John McCain, maybe because he was a decorated veteran who stood up for his country in the face of adversity, never exemplifying himself as superior to others and compassionate to all. John McCain was a wonderful man, but after President Bush’s administration, I felt it was time that we as a country needed change.

It is time for a new president, not necessarily a Democrat, but someone what will place the American people’s interest first.

Paul Ort

rural Defiance

Farmers thank Trump

Thank you to President Trump for attempting to stand up for Ohio’s farmers and the biofuel industry. Even though oil companies have been lobbying the EPA to secretly let them use less ethanol in their gas, President Trump proved he understands the importance and value of strong biofuel policies to Ohio farmers and rural communities when he announced his plan to uphold the renewable fuel standard. Unfortunately the EPA is thwarting his agenda.

Farming is going through a rough patch across Ohio and the entire country, with bad growing conditions and other economic challenges. A proactive ethanol policy will create economic growth for farmers, communities, and increased access to less expensive fuel options for Ohio drivers, but only if President Trump can get the EPA under control.

Lawrence Onweller

rural Delta

Victomology gone overboard

Kate Smith was a national treasure.

In 1939 her revival of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” lifted the spirits of Americans bearing the anxieties and uncertainties of those troubled times (see YouTube). Then, during WWII her numerous benefit performances sold tons of war bonds financing the struggle against European fascism and Japanese militarism.

Her late afternoon TV program during the early 1950s was among the first to feature African American performers.

Throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies her magnificent contralto found its way into the hearts of millions who viewed the many popular variety shows television had to offer during those years.

In the late 1970s, when the Philadelphia Flyers were an NHL powerhouse, Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” inspired fans, both for its own sake, and as a “good luck charm.” It seemed that whenever she sang, the Flyers would win! So grateful was the team that they erected a statue in her honor. Not to be outdone, the New York Yankees home games featured a recording of her “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch.

Finally, in 1982 President Reagan awarded Kate the Medal of Freedom.

Alas, to paraphrase Clare Boothe Luce, “No good life goes unpunished.” Someone whose motives I believe to be misguided at best succeeded in uncovering two “suspicious” songs Smith recorded around 1932. The first of these dealt with the tribulations of being born black.

Now, in our current “victimocracy,” anyone other than a black person performing such a song is apparently guilty of “cultural appropriation.” In 1932, however, no one knew about “cultural appropriation” or the fact that in 80 years such would be an unpardonable offense. Back then singing well permitted you to sing any song you chose.

Her other transgression was a tune sung to black children describing heaven. While the lyrics would be considered stereotypical given current sensitivities, there appeared to be no such objection back then.

That her sins were ex post facto (after the fact) is apparently immaterial. The Philadelphia statue has since been pulled down and her voice silenced in Yankee Stadium. Needless to say, should you disagree with these actions, you’re a racist.

Lord Acton noted that while the foolish conservative judges the present by the standards of the past, the foolish liberal judges the past by the standards of the present. Sadly, today’s “woke” culture is lousy with foolish liberals.

Robert Kohl

rural Defiance

How well do you know the Bible?

Are you biblically literate? Here’s some Bible(KJV)-based questions that relate to current events. The Bible reference follows if you don’t know the answer:

1.) Who was the month of August named after? Luke 2:2

2.) Name the Jewish sacred observance that occurs at the same time as the Christian “Easter,” and the humanist “spring break.” John 11:55

3.) Name the item used every day that’s the “root of all evil” if you love it. 1 Timothy 6:10

4.) Name a city that was destroyed for practicing sodomy. Genesis 19:4-5, 25

5.) Who’s will is to be done according to the “Lord’s Prayer?” Matthew 6:9-10

6.) “All things work together for good to those who love (who?). Romans 8:28

7.) Name the city where the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed that’s named after a city in Revelation. Revelation 3:7

8.) What’s the name for pharmacy or drug use in the Bible? Acts 13: 6, 8

9.) What is the source of life? Genesis 1:2

10.) Where did all the different languages originate? Genesis 11:9

11.) Name the river in Revelation that flows through Syria and Iraq. Revelation 9:14

12.) Did Jesus say He came to unite the world or divide it? Luke 12:51

13.) Who ordered all the babies of Bethlehem to be killed when Jesus Christ was born? Matthew 2:16

14.) North of what great city will the battle of “Armageddon” (valley of Megiddo, plain of Jezreel) be fought? Zechariah 12:11

“For that day they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord.” (Proverbs 1:29) “For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.” (Proverbs 1:32) “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.” (Romans 1:18)

15.) Right now California is burning, forcing “the terminator” and “King James” to evacuate. Who said “what is truth” when he was confronted by Jesus? John 18:38

If we want to hold the truth of God as a right, then how can we keep our “endowed by our Creator” rights if our schools don’t teach who the God of creation is? Or what God teaches as truth? Were you 15 for 15?

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

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