Reasons to support Trump

I know some of you won’t agree. Just give it some thought because the media and the Democrats are biased against conservatives and patriots. I did not write this, and I don’t know who did, but I agree with the author:

“To all those who say, ‘I can’t believe you would vote for President Trump,’ well, this is why: I’m not just voting for him. I’m voting for the Second Amendment. I’m voting for the next Supreme Court justice. I’m voting for the Electoral College and the constitutional republic we live in.

“I am voting for the police and law and order. I’m voting for the military and the veterans who fought for this country. I’m voting for the flags that are usually missing from the Democratic background. I’m voting for the right to speak and not be censored. I’m voting for the right to praise God without fear.

“I’m voting for every unborn soul the Democrats want to murder. I’m voting for good and against evil. I’m voting not just for one person, I’m voting for the future of my country! What are you voting for?”

Nancy Deitrick


China is a big concern for U.S.

Am I the only one at least a little bit concerned that China keeps gobbling up American real estate, currency and other assets while the U.S. keeps plunging itself further and further into debt? It would not have taken much imagination for China to predict that the U.S. media would devote a disproportionate amount of coverage to COVID-19, causing overreaction by the public and, especially in an election year, calling for immediate government response, which almost always takes the form of interfering with the private sector while simultaneously spending money we as a nation do not have.

We are a great people, but we are relatively predictable. Every day since late February we have the media feeding us the new daily tally of COVID infections and deaths, and lately, lecturing us about a great racial and social divide.

Can we as one nation agree that China does not have American interests at heart and that at some point China will have consumed enough American assets and America will have reached an amount of national debt that is, literally, insurmountable? Is it not generally known that China wants to be the world’s next superpower and knows that it must, at least at present, use other-than-military means to weaken the U.S. while also strengthening itself?

Magically, in an election year, we have a virus coming out of China and hitting hardest, of all U.S. cities, New York, our economic capital, and the predictable media fixation and government overreaction that followed.

Locally, how about instead of a two-part series lecturing us about how COVID-19 is “bad” (as The Crescent-News’ headline read last Wednesday) we have a two-part series on what we in northwest Ohio can do locally to meet this growing Chinese threat? How about an editorial demanding that our local state and federal government leaders take action to meet this threat?

Jeffrey Horvath


Stop the violence by supporting Biden

During this time of social distancing, I have watched many military movies that have reminded me of a Air Force hero. His plane was shot down, forcing him to parachute over France during the German occupation. He walked by night and slept by day.

He grew hungrier and one day “he came upon a farmhouse. He must have prayed and approached the house. His prayers were answered for the French Underground was there to meet him They maneuvered him to the American troops. I often wonder if I could be so brave as those who labored in the Underground.

You have probably seen his son, at the courthouse on Veterans Day or during military services as he served with the Defiance VFW’s Honor Guard in many ways.

I am too old to serve our country, but I can still raise my voice against the lies and violence created by the Trump years. His own White House staff person stated that the greater the violence, the better it is for the Trump campaign.

I hope you will travel with me on this uncertain journey to the November elections. Together we can find a Biden farmhouse. We can end the violence and turn the lights on again all over America. Please vote with me for Joe Biden. Thanks.

Johanna Diehl


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