Latta is following party line on report

I met with Rep. Robert Latta recently while he was home on congressional recess. Has Latta read the Mueller Report? He is reading it, he said. He believes Attorney General William Barr’s assessment of the Mueller Report.

Volume II of the Mueller Report describes 11 incidents of obstruction of justice, including witness tampering. Attorney General Barr himself said he had not read the evidence before making his rushed assessment. Barr has seriously compromised the independence of his office by his neglect of the truth of Mueller’s report.

Latta’s response to me showed that he is blindly obeying party over country, without thought about the impeachable offenses and abuses of power and their harm to our nation. Latta disserves his constituents when he rushes to judgment before he has read the report. We need Latta to make decisions based on facts and evidence. Mueller wrote that Barr “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions.” Barr has lied and shown contempt to Congress. Latta needs to read the report and not rely on Barr’s disinformation.

Latta needs to also consider the fact that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony, and that Trump is the subject of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation, which will determine whether the country is in danger from him being compromised, co-opted, or vulnerable to a foreign intelligence service.

Latta needs to finish reading, support rule of law, and place country and Constitution over party loyalty. Which is more important: blind allegiance to those in power or upholding the principles of honor and truth by holding those who break the law accountable? Latta is treading a slippery slope that leads to personal and national shame. Our country is at risk without courageous leadership willing to face the truth of hard evidence.

Sarah Maxwell


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