Changes in politics

Things sure have changed!

I remember when Democrats took a courageous stand in favor of judging people by competence and individual character rather than by immutable qualities. No longer. Nowadays, the party of JFK and MLK is full speed ahead in its espousal of that collectivist obscenity commonly referred to as “identity politics.”

In the past most Democrats respected the sanctity of unborn life. Not now. The Democrat of today is in lockstep with the notion that an unborn child is hardly more than a tumor, and may be extracted for any reason and at any time at the discretion of the person whom it infects. Who knows? Perhaps before long they’ll propose paying bounties to pregnant (biological) women to abort children whose high probability of birth defects might impose a financial burden on society. “Progressives” may object to so harsh a prediction, but like feathers they’ll blow with the wind before long.

Democrats once honored great statesmen such as Thomas Jefferson and great American artists such as Kate Smith. No more. Their full embrace of cancel culture has caused them to relegate these outstanding patriots to the dustbin of history, their memories erased, their monuments taken down, even as the likes of BLM and Antifa are celebrated by Hollywood, Harvard, The New York Times and various other repositories of misinformation and degenerate “culture.”

Democrats used to champion the interests of the average Joe over those of the corporate elite. Not today. Today they kowtow to the allure of campaign funds and juicy lobbying positions from corporations whose desire to exploit consumer markets and cheap labor in China jeopardizes the livelihoods and liberties of fellow Americans who were once the very heart and soul of the Democratic Party. You know, those of you “deplorables” who worship God, play by the rules, raise children, drive pick-ups and, perhaps, wear MAGA hats.

Robert Kohl

rural Defiance

Road/street crews did a good job

Many thanks to the road crews for their hard work to clean up the roads after last Monday’s storm. The main roads were driveable by early Tuesday morning and the crews’ work continued throughout Tuesday, through Tuesday night and into Wednesday. This was an enormous job.

For contrast, go to Atlanta — or any other city south of the Mason-Dixon Line — after they get just two inches of snow. Life there grinds to a halt. Don’t take for granted the amount of preparation, hard work and skill that went into the Monday to Wednesday clean up. Again, many thanks for a job well done.

Jeffrery Horvath

rural Defiance

Tempering the political debate

I can relate to Mr. Peabody’s tireless letter writing to these pages. I, too, feel the Sisyphean effort of shining light on divisive issues tearing our nation apart.

Kudos to Ms. Hancock for her well-researched letter of Feb. 18. To write such a letter takes time. The credibility of her source points to her careful pursuit of truth.

Rather than assuming the worst (I refer to Mr. Peabody’s “theory” that Democrats are “vindictive and afraid”), how much more productive would it be to consider that others sincerely hold their ideas and base them on sources that they deem credible?

Ms. Hancock points out, as does the C-N editorial that she quotes, “that we are asked to believe things that are difficult to comprehend by the most objective standards.” Sadly, we do not agree on “objective standards.”

The outcome for our nation has been dire, leading to an insurrection at the Capitol where those involved were likely acting on sincerely held beliefs of a “stolen” election. Unfortunately, they were encouraged by “opinion hosts” and their own elected leaders garnering attention and profit through sensationalism and incitement. Opinion hosts are protected by corporate lawyers and will not suffer consequences of the “Big Lie” they enabled. Some elected leaders who promulgated the lie have recanted; others are waiting to see which way volatile political winds blow.

Without careful vetting of news sources, we become victims of those who manipulate for profit or power. Unfortunately, the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated in 1987 and Pandora’s box opened. The Fairness Doctrine had required holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Mr. Peabody and I are old enough to remember Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Roger Mudd. Dare I assume that we both respected our news sources in that era?

Without a policy to hold infotainment corporations to a standard, responsible citizens in a democracy must tirelessly scrutinize the cacophony blasting through all manner of media.

Walt Kelly famously spoke through his cartoon, Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Kelly referred to the destruction of our natural environment. The same phrase can be applied to the destruction of civil discourse in our communities and nation.

Be like Ms. Hancock. Check your sources. Give one another the benefit of the doubt. Our democracy depends on this.

Dorothy Singer

rural Defiance

On guns and socialism

First I would like to thank the sheriff deputies and the police officers for the kind and professional way they helped my son, Troy, during his crisis. Troy is at peace now and all of his struggles are over.

I also want to thank attorney Jeff Horvath and his assistant, Dave, for being Troy’s guardians. I want to thank the medical workers and all you nice folks for sending us cards and letters.

There is a lot of talk in politics about the freedom of speech. Let us remember that President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King lost their lives when they were in the process of giving speeches.

Larry Flint was shot in the back when he caused a corrupt speaker of the House to resign. Women were beaten on the street for speaking on their right to vote.

The right to bear arms was written so that we would all have guns to protect us from foreign invaders as England invaded our colonies in 1775. On the farm I was a hunter and trapper carrying a gun at 12 years old.

I saw a shirt that said “God and Guns.” Are guns second to God, rather than the Holy Bible? Should we all be carrying guns in church? It was taught in Bible school that God was more powerful than any weapon in the universe. Should we all walk into our favorite football stadium of 100,000 spectators with weapons?

Seventy years after the Second Amendment we were in the Civil War with each other. Eight hundred thousand died. California was fighting over gold and partying in saloons while the rest of the states were fighting for survival. The war ended in 1865, but the violence didn’t stop, and in 1965 the civil rights bill was written to ease the violence.

Another big topic is socialism. Our county hospitals were all under socialism until they were bought up by large corporations. Our military is under socialism. If it weren’t we would have private-owned armies like some of our foreign countries which have no regulations and are fighting against each other, which I am sure we don’t want.

George Kruse

rural Defiance

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