Waiting would show compassion

Rep. Craig Riedel recently wrote that “it’s time to roll.” Really? Does he have a son with cancer going through chemo? I do!

If a doctor told him this virus could be deadly to his son, would he sacrifice him to roll? If he had any compassion at all, wouldn’t it be much wiser to make sure that it’s totally safe?

Should only one child, parent or grandparent die as a result of his “let’s roll” motto, could he live with himself? He evidently has nothing to lose.

Bob Murphy


Trump is not a ‘true conservative’

Let me count the ways that Donald Trump is a disgrace as a conservative.

The most recent, and ironic: The government in a very liberal fashion sends out a small sum of cash to U.S. citizens hit hard by the coronavirus, and Trump not only pushes for it, but he — true narcissist that he is — attempts to sign the stimulus checks. So much for independence and so much for individualism (history shows that even true conservatives in a time of emergency give up on such principles rather quickly).

Similarly, in the last week, Mr. Trump has decided that he is the last word on anything to do with the Virus. Yes, he will be the one who reopens the country, not local and state governments. Conservatives used to argue for states rights and local freedoms against the authoritarianism of the federal government. Not today.

Conservatives used to care about a balanced budget. Not today. The federal deficit is now at $1 trillion. National debt is at $22 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. But please don’t (just) blame the virus. Trump’s tax cut focused primarily on the rich, not the poor and middle class, had already blown these numbers up before the Virus even appeared on these shores.

Trump is really a populist. One of the few conservative commentators I enjoy, George Will, pointed this out in a column a few months ago: Republicans favor a republican form of government in which mediators stand in for the opinions of the masses. Why is this? Because at root conservatives are paranoid about the irrationality and emotions of the masses. Legislators are needed to moderate these excesses.

Trump is emotional. He is irrational, and he leads by emotion, not reason. Those who follow him — those who did not bat an eye when he joked about grabbing a woman’s genitals — are not interested in reason. They follow emotion and the loudest man in the room. And Mr. Trump is very loud indeed.

While I am a progressive, I readily acknowledge that there are good, competent conservatives out there. I readily recognize that there are even reasonable philosophical arguments underpinning conservative ideology.

Apart from his obsession with money and big business, Trump is not however a true conservative. He is the loudest voice in the room speaking to a crowd that wants to be entertained, not educated.

Todd Comer


Why are we not having public prayers?

In a presidential news briefing, Mike Lindell of My Pillow Corporation mentioned God and the Bible in his remarks causing news reporters from NYC to criticize and mock him even though the U.S. Naval Hospital ship in NYC Harbor has a Christian cross on it.

This is the Easter season celebrating how Jesus Christ was mocked, crucified and sealed in a tomb, yet Jesus arose from the grave and ascended into heaven. Mike Lindell didn’t even mention Jesus on Easter. Jesus said: “God is a spirit. And they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

“Truths” from the news are that 100,000 to 240,000 will die from the virus and the Muslims are delaying their pilgrimages to Mecca; the UN’s World Health Organization says it can’t stop the virus and neither can Chinese communism.

The U.S.A. is predominantly Christian and belongs to the UN located in NYC. The majority of the U.S. government executive and congressional branches, as well as state governors, claim to be Christian. Christ endorsed “the law, the prophets and the writings “ of the Bible and said when we pray we should say: “Our father which art in heaven, Holy is your name ... .”

Recently, “Holy Name Hospital” was shown in New Jersey. “Jesus” and “Jehovah” are the holy names in the U.S.A. Do reporters and governors know that?

If the UN, NYC, New Jersey, Mecca and communists can’t stop the virus, then why aren’t our Christian government leaders praying to Jesus leading the nation in public prayers to Jesus? Jesus and God His Father are above: “Heaven is God’s throne and the earth is his foot-stool.” (Isaiah 66:1)

Satan and Satan’s angels are below the foot-stool. It was Satan who told Eve that humans have existential right to know evil viruses. Jesus said: “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words shall not pass away.” Jesus is bringing a new earth when the present foot-stool goes to hell.

But why am I preaching? The “educated” Christians know this stuff already, and are not quarantined from praying, right? Rick Perry, Christian, former U.S. secretary of Energy, says the virus could crush the human-produced energy industry. But he knows Christ’s spirit is a source of electromagnetic wave energy, right?

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

Americans were ‘let down’

We were let down.

1. The World Health Organization told everyone this Covid-19 virus was no big deal. There was no need to close borders. How could they have missed the importance of what was going in in China? Answer: They were being paid off by China to cover up what was happening.

2. Our CIA said nothing about this disease. They said that the first thing the Chinese Communist Party did was to isolate their military from the general civilian population. They also informed the Congress that the Chinese state had a bio-weapons facility in Wuhan Hubel Province. So, did this virus start in an open-air market or was it a bio-weapon that escaped their facility?

3. There was then a decision to allow Americans in Asia at the time to return to the United States. This humanitarian decision cost us lives. They could have been billeted where they were and had the cost of that picked up by our government. This would have cost the taxpayer very little and the economy wouldn’t be in the present tailspin.

4. The worst thing you as a citizen can hear from our government is, I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help you.” Ask the American Indians or veterans if you think this is incorrect.

When the governor of Washington asked the Center for Disease Control for testing supplies, for the arriving citizens that were overseas, he told the CDC that a local company had testing equipment that worked. But the governor was told by the CDC they couldn’t be used because they, the bureaucrats, hadn’t approved it.

This is called turf protection. That CDC involvement allowed ill people to mix with the general population in Washington, Oregon and California.

5. Then the Americans in Europe got concerned and wanted to return to the U.S. They returned and were not given gloves or masks. They were met at airports in New Jersey and New York by the regular immigration staff, also without masks or gloves and had their passports stamped.

They then boarded regular flights to Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland Denver. They were met by family members and some went back to work the next day. Within a week this disaster took off. This is why we’re in the place we are in, and we have to learn from our mistakes.

David Dodt


Who’s responsible for evil?

I would like to respond to the recent letter to the editor from Rosemary Thomas about God’s involvement in our suffering. Of course, at the deepest level, “only God can heal.” But there is more we should say too.

Although I do believe in miracles, my experience is that most of the time when God intervenes in human affairs, it is through the hands of mortal humans. Working to accomplish healing is our responsibility, even though it is God who does the actual healing.

Certainly we are right to pray for the healing of our nation and world in these difficult times we are living in. But it will take our human actions, as well as God’s power to accomplish any healing. It will be our medicines, and our medical professionals who will make possible the cure of this terrible virus.

I believe that the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the foundation of Christian theology. They are the profound demonstration that God is with us through thick and thin. Jesus’s words on the cross, “It is finished,” is the same thing that a priest would say when they offered an animal sacrifice to God. It meant, it is accomplished. Forgiveness and salvation are now secure.

I don’t believe that the Apostle Paul’s discussion of how “God is with us” and “God is in us,” means that we can trust God to always protect us from every problem we face. After all, we still look both ways before we cross the street. We still wash our hands and maintain social distancing in the midst of a pandemic. We are still responsible for how we use our God-given freedom. My years on this earth have taught me that God usually allows us to experience the consequences of foolish actions.

I have difficulty believing that God tests us by sending evil upon us. I believe that God allows evil things to happen, and that we should use those events as occasions for growth. It sounds vindictive to me to say that God tests us in that way. I believe that Christ’s words from the cross, forgiving those who wanted his blood, mean that we are loved even when we give-in to evil.

Rev. Tom Steensma

rural Defiance

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