Commissioners should give things back

As I recall, the Defiance County Historical Society gifted AuGlaize Village, its collections, 120 acres of land and everything on it to Defiance County. The intent was for the society to manage the place, and the county would assist in funding.

I feel since the current commissioners do not like the situation, they should give everything back to the historical society.

This bit about anyone being able to use AuGlaize Village is like your neighbors inviting their friends into your home for supper.

Louis Simonis

rural Defiance

(Editor’s note: Louis Simonis is a former board member and life member of the Defiance County Historical Society.)

‘Pro-abortion argument masquerades’

Bruce Gerencser’s critique of Rep. Craig Riedel and abortion-abolishing bills as “religious” or “anti-science” is laughable. Christians believe in objective standards of morality and an orderly, predictable universe. Francis Bacon, widely credited with identifying the scientific method, believed God created an orderly universe. Bacon desired to understand God through nature.

Gerencser’s atheists believe the universe is a result of random chaos, rejecting the uniformity of nature — bedrock principle of the scientific method — suppressing the truth of a universe created by God.

On abortion, atheists reject scientific embryology’s declaration that conception creates a distinct new life of the species. The DNA of the parents form a unique life having traits of each the sperm and egg. The deception of Roe is undone by objective scientific and technological advancements, namely ultrasounds, where we actually gaze upon innocent life in the womb.

Gerencser asked “Is it really in the best interest of Ohio women to outlaw and criminalize abortion?” Yes! Particularly the ones targeted for destruction by the plan B pill, or the women given ;aminaria /vaginal misoprostol to dialate the cervix hours prior to a second trimester “procedure.” By what standard could the premeditated destruction of women be in their best interest?

Riedel’s office is not tasked with the representation of the voter’s will. Elected officials in the American system take an oath to uphold the unalienable rights of constituents ( Abolishing the premeditated murder of innocent life — in the womb or elsewhere — is exactly what all government officials should seek.

Gerencser’s argument relies on subjective morality, appealing to the reader’s feelings (an active disdain for “religion” and “conservatism”). Scientists demonstrate that a human “fetus,” the “product of conception,” is a unique life, replicating this over many trials. Armed with this objective evidence, aside from feelings, one can appeal to objective morality, rejecting the premeditated destruction of innocent lives.

Gerencser inherently assumes a universal sense of moral justice. He attempts to twist that in his favor. If his standard of moral justice openly advocates the destruction of women in-utero, is it worth consideration? What standard of science is he citing to advocate that destruction?

The atheistic, pro-abortion argument masquerades as a servant of righteousness on every level (scientific, moral, political). Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe, regretted the faith she once placed in this false righteousness.

Sixty-one million American births and counting, objectively, have been aborted since Roe.

Paul King

rural Hicksville

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