Museum gets repeat visits

A recent letter to the editor on July 20 entitled, “Creation museum draws questions” had an absolute opposite effect on my life.

The museum is an awesome experience that answers and defends the Word of God.

In this life when we make decisions there are ultimately two starting points on what we believe. Either we start with God’s Word or you start with man’s word and human reasoning. On the basis of these two starting points we build either a biblical worldview or man’s worldview belief.

Bruce Gerencser, the gentleman from Ney, was critical of both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter located in northern Kentucky. As stated by him, the Bible is full of myths. Creationism is a lie and both the Creation Museum and Ark are monuments to ignorance. This is a perfect example of man’s word/human reasoning worldview vs. the biblical worldview.

Another comment was that evangelicals bore easily and few return once they tour the Creation Museum and Ark.

First of all, all Christian growth is not boring. The most purposeful life both here and in eternity is to love and serve Jesus Christ. I have visited the Creation Museum over 30 times and have found the museum to be a treasure chest of biblical truths that will help me deepen and defend my faith. Besides the museum my biggest resource is the huge amount of creation material that can be taken home to study.

People return because even with a two-day pass it can’t be covered, especially if you do the shows, workshops,, planetarium, petting zoo, etc. There’s so much to do that I don’t have the space to share. Most repeaters bring guests and then the guests bring new people to experience the museum. This is the reason revenues have finished in the black every year at the Creation Museum.

It was indicated the Ark was built on speculation. Genesis 6:15 states the exact dimensions of the Ark and that is exactly the measurements of the Ark Encounter. It was also mentioned that it would be doubtful if the Ark would safely float. That is a non-issue because God promised there would never be another judgment by a flood. The rainbow is that reminder. However, there will be another judgment from God in the form of fire.

Jack Fetter

rural Grover Hill

Armageddon of the Bible

On June 23, Great Britain voted to withdraw from the European Union, but not NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). On July 21, Turkey, a 99 percent Muslim nation, fires 31,000 teachers after secularist generals try a failed military takeover. In 1949, NATO included only Christian nations, but Turkey was added in 1952. Great Britain has been Christian since being a Roman province, but Turkey is more complicated.

Using the Bible basis, one of the rivers that went out of the Garden of Eden was the Euphrates (Genesis 2:14). Presently, the Euphrates originates in east Turkey from the area where Noah’s Ark with eight people landed in the mountains of Ararat (Genesis 8:4).

Genesis 10 is called the Table of Nations because it explains from who different nations originated after the flood when previously the united world had one language on one continent (Genesis 11:1). Shem, one of Noah’s sons, fathered the Semetic nations south of Turkey, including the Hebrews from Eber (Genesis 10:24) from whom Abraham was descended (Genesis 11:26).

Abraham fathered Ishmael (Genesis 16:15) from whom Muhammed was descended, and Issac (Genesis 21:3) from whom Jacob (Israel) (Genesis 32:28), Moses and Jesus descended (Matthew 1).

Abraham was born at Ur, along the Euphrates (south of Baghdad) and moved with his family to Haran (Turkey) (Genesis 11:31) further up the Euphrates about 3,900 years ago. About 2,000 years later St. Paul (Greek for Saul in Hebrew) was born in Tarsus, Turkey (Acts 21:39). “New Rome” was built by the Romans under Constantine at Byzantia, Turkey (now Istanbul) who ordered Christianity for the Roman Empire in 313. Later, the Roman emperor, Justinian (source of the word “justice”) administered his Code of Justinian (Christian-based) from Constantinople (Byzantia-Istanbul).

Turkey was taken from the Christians by the Muslims in 1453 and then taken back after World War I. The secular League of Nations (United Nations) has tried to make Turkey secular, but it remains Muslim. The Balfour Declaration of Great Britain would be set aside for a Jewish homeland (Israel).

Armageddon of Revelation 9:14 will be fought across the river from Syria in north Israel when the four angels of the river are released, but verse 21 says humans who survive will still not repent (get right with God).

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

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