Think about what is truly important

I am writing in support of Ayersville Local Schools’ 0.75%, two-year income tax levy on the March 17 primary ballot.

Our administration, board, staff and teachers do their best to be fiscally responsible, knowing they are in a position to not please everyone.

Our teaching staff offers opportunities for all so that no children are left behind, through the best education possible with values, leadership and teamwork a strong part of overall education. AHS graduates are prepared for a college education or the workforce, so that they grow into responsible adults.

We have a beautiful and unique brand new school to northwest Ohio that was approved by a caring community that has chosen to maintain the high standards of a quality education while providing a place to enjoy all extracurricular activities in an environment of friendship and support.

In the coming days, take time to think what truly is important to our school district as you remember your memories of choosing the Ayersville community to be your place of residency and support of our children.

Paula Roth

rural Defiance

Support Vance for commissioner

There is an important primary race on March 17 for a Paulding County commissioner seat between the 12-year incumbent, Tony Zartman, and a new and upcoming leader in the Paulding County community, Clint Vance.

In my roles with Habitat for Humanity and the Paulding County Republican Women, I have had the opportunity to work with both candidates. I have also hired the construction company that Mr. Zartman runs. Because of that stressful experience, I believe that Clint Vance is the best possible candidate for the commissioner’s office.

His energy and enthusiasm for moving Paulding County forward is clear to see with everything he has done throughout the county. He traveled to Seattle, Wash. to attend the National Main Street Conference and brought back ideas which he shared with Antwerp and Payne’s chambers of commerce, Oakwood Village and Paulding CoRP.

Clint is dedicated to making Paulding County a better place to live and work in. That is evident as he manages Paulding’s Tunes, Brews and BBQ, which is an event held in June and August to raise money for downtown revitalization. I love Clint’s “get-it-done” attitude. We need fresh young faces with innovative ideas to make this happen.

I know Clint Vance is the best possible choice for commissioner on March 17.

Laurie Lucas

rural Defiance

Engel has long experience as sheriff

After reading some of the false comments about our local sheriff’s office, I felt it was necessary for someone to comment. Sheriff Doug Engel has a proven track record, and it is important that we state things correctly, even if we do not agree on participants or issues, we must retain a degree of civility.

First of all, a big thank you to Sheriff Doug Engel and his staff for keeping our county safe.

In reference to the remarks that the sheriff sits behind his desk all day, the achievements of our sheriff are many, and even though I cannot list them all, here is how he systematically climbed the steps to earn his position of sheriff: road deputy, 1984; sergeant, 1988; K-9 handler, 1989; staff sergeant, 1995; lieutenant, 1996; captain, 2001; director of the Multi-Area Narcotics Task Force, 2002; major, 2004; chief deputy, 2009; deputized as DEA Toledo Task Force, 2015; member of FBI Division of Crimes Against Children, 2015; sheriff, 2016.

A total of 36 years working and learning to keep us safe. The above achievements clearly prove this is not a man who sits behind a desk. The programs that were implemented and proven to be effective are not only to keep us safe, but to increase the visibility of his staff throughout our community.

I could go on about his education, commitments, programs and community partnerships that he has started, but we all know the results.

Doug Engel is honest, reliable and a hard-working sheriff that always goes the extra mile for all of us.

It is important for us to vote and support our sheriff. Please take a couple of minutes and make your voice heard. Re-elect Doug Engel as Defiance County sheriff.

Rosie Bryant


Support the incumbent sheriff

In 2019 I retired from the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office where I served as a deputy sheriff since 1992. It has been my privilege to have served with many fine men and women.

For 27 years I had the opportunity to work with Douglas Engel, sheriff of Defiance County. During those years I have witnessed Sheriff Engel’s tireless devotion to the citizens of Defiance County. He exemplifies strong leadership and is committed to his fellow officers.

Sheriff Engel has spent his entire career working for The Defiance County Sheriff’s Office and has filled many roles from road patrol, K-9 handler, investigator, supervisor and lastly sheriff. Upon taking office, Sheriff Engel implemented changes to benefit the citizens of Defiance County and the employees of the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office.

He has dramatically implemented training opportunities and encouraged employees to develop expertise and educate their peers. Sheriff Engel is a lifelong resident of Defiance County where he and his wife raised their children. He believes strongly in faith, family and community.

With the upcoming election, I ask that you support our incumbent sheriff and vote to re-elect Sheriff Douglas J. Engel.

Ginna Waxler


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