Work together to solve problems

A recent letter to this paper about the children who are kept in detention camps stated, “This may sound cold-blooded, but nobody put these kids into this position but their parents.” The writer’s comments revealed that he uses outdated, unreliable, and slanted sources to get his information. The words echo those who believe that anyone who disagrees with the current administration should leave the conversation.

Are you sitting in a comfortable air-conditioned room reading this paper? Maybe your favorite beverage is at your side. Perhaps you had a shower today and put on clean clothes, after a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed. Those are things these children are doing without in places no citizen would want to spend an hour.

President Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy is the only reason the children were, and still are separated from their families. Though the policy was suspended last summer, the kids are still being taken out of their parent’s arms. There was no such policy under Presidents Obama or G.W. Bush. Unless a child was in danger or had crossed the border alone, they stayed with their family. Families that sought asylum were never separated, but detained together while waiting assessment. Last week an ill, 3-year-old child was told she had to choose between her mom or dad, but only one could stay with her at the hospital. A federal inspector reported earlier this year that there were thousands of children not listed in last year’s count of those separated from their parents. Try to imagine what that would do to you or to your child.

It is my constant hope and prayer that we can all work together to solve problems and concerns without hurting others. America is great because of the diversity of its fabric, not because we are selfish or cruel. We have been a guiding light in the dark waters of the world and I pray we can maintain our dignity while taking care of our citizens as well as those who want to become citizens. We did not fight wars to save the world to reach a point where we allow our own government to tear us apart and tarnish the decades of accomplishments men and women have died for. The children of the world deserve better. They deserve justice.

Rev. Thomas Steensma

rural Defiance

Honor the Ten Commandments

Are there many “Great Babylons” or just one? Referring to Revelation 14:7, an angel of God says “with a loud voice, fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of water.” And another angel says in verse 8: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication.”

Many great cities have been in the news recently. Revelation 14-19 describe how angry God is against the “Great Babylon” saying in 18:5 “her sins have reached unto heaven.” (In Genesis 18:20 God said the sun of “sodomy” was very grievous before God destroyed Sodom.) Revelation 18:7 says Great Babylon “has glorified herself.”

Have all these cities “glorified herself” and self-righteously defended self-righteous fornication, sodomy and butchering babies for body parts? God is the judge isn’t he? Are these cities being warned by the angels of God?: Las Vegas, “sin city,” near 7.1 earthquake; Los Angeles glorifies movie idols, near 7.1 earthquake; New Orleans, a great seaport for “leave,” flooded: New York City, “capital of the world,” power outage.

There are many who call themselves Christians in those cities. Christ said that God can cause earthquakes (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21), is in control of “Mother Earth (Luke 10:21), can punish cities and nations (Matthew 10 and 21, Revelation). Before Great Babylon is destroyed Revelation 9:21 says that even though God sends angels to use the powers of nature to convince humans of the power of God: “Neither repented they (did not change their minds) about murders (abortions), sorceries (drug use), fornication (physical and spiritual prostitution) or theft (kleptomania).

Right now, those wanting self-righteous rights to abortion, drug use, fornication and theft are not changing their minds and are not fearing the power of God. Are the great Babylons around the world ready? Ho hum? Oh my God?!

Jesus said no humans and no angels know the day or hour but only God the Father knows when (Revelation 14, Matthew 24:36).

Jesus said in Matthew 19:17: “but if you will enter into Life (eternal life with God) keep the commandments (Ten Commandments of Moses). America forever? Post the Ten Commandments.

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

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