Relax restrictions on IRAs, 401s

We are currently facing an economic disaster in this country. The coronavirus has upset many aspects of our society and will continue to do so.

One critical issue is the job and income loss which is happening now, to a majority of U.S. citizens. Government bailouts are being proposed which will supply some small relief to working families.

Many working citizens have been able to build up sizeable amounts of cash in their IRA and 401 K accounts. It is their retirement money. However, access to their money is limited or non-existent by current government regulations.

The government should consider relaxing the current restrictions on IRA and 401 K accounts and allow citizens to make their own decisions about emergency withdrawals. That would lessen government subsidies currently being considered. It would provide immediate financial relief and stress on citizens of our country.

Paul Langevin


Proud of Ayersville school

In the March 1 Crescent-News Brady Fishpaw had a good article.

As a graduate of Ayersville school there were amazing people who worked there.

I was sad when I learned that Kirk Jones is leaving.

Whenever I attended Ayersville’s community breakfasts he always did a great job. Good luck in the future.

I pray that Ayersville’s tax levy will pass. The whole Ayersville district means so very much to me.

Ayersville has a very nice school. I have always will be very proud of Ayersville school no matter how much I am citizens.

Rose Ann Kunesh


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