The U.S. is a theocracy

This is a reply to Brian Barnett’s letter on Dec. 24 in which he made the following remarks:

• 1.) “Citizens of the U.S. are entitled by constitutional law to hold the religious beliefs of their choosing; Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion.”

Reply: A biblical interpretation called “free will” says that God created mankind with the power to choose but the right to choose evil. The establishment of religion clause was written by American Protestant Christians who didn’t want the Church of England Protestants from eight colonies or Catholics from Europe to insist on one Christian denomination for the U.S.A.

• 2.) “Biblical law has no applicability in civil law.”

Reply: Actually, a philosophy of law (jurisprudence) has to be chosen by judges of law and “legislators” (makers of law). Currently, some federal judges illegally make new law based on the changing humanist-evolution religion (humans worshiped) but not on the Creator-Christian religion. Legislators can still quote the Bible as a jurisprudence reference. Originally legislators of 1776 referred to “Blackstone’s Commentaries” (Christian) on English civil law.

All kings and queens of England still must take a vow at their coronation to be “defenders of faith” (Christianity) and the crown they wear has a Christian cross on it. Some of the original 13 U.S. states required legislators to endorse Christianity as the parliament did in England.

• 3.) “It is sad to see the Bible used to attack, judge.”

Reply: Actually the Bible is god’s word. If anyone has a problem with the Bible it’s God’s judgment.

• 4.) “Jesus taught to love your religion, and not judge others.”

Reply: Actually, in Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus said the greatest law is to love God. Gay marriage is a deviation against God’s sacred act of one man with one woman (Matthew 19: 4-6). We all have the power to break the Ten Commandments (God’s law). But if we don’t know what His law is then we are ignorant of “sin” (deviation from God’s laws).

The U.S. is a theocracy. Our Declaration of Independence says: “we are endowed by our Creator (God) with certain inalienable rights.” Humanists say that Christians don’t have the right to faith in God’s law, so they leave the word “Creator” out and imagine they are gods unto themselves (Genesis 3:5). If Christian culture is canceled, then Jesus returns to cancel the anti-Christs.

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

An exciting story for all times

Christmas was a very special time. In reading the second chapter of Luke verses 1-20, be excited as the shepherds were when they went to the very place to see what had been made known to us. Feel the excitement of seeing the Truth being born.

They heard with the angel and a multitude of heavenly host praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace good will toward men!” So the shepherds went immediately.

The Truth draws us to Him. Please allow that draw on your heart today.

The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had seen and heard, as it was told them. May we do the same as we glorify the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit. Please allow this to remind you “who is in charge.”

John Wilson


Trump has lost many times

Impeached Donald Trump lost repeatedly in the 2020 election. He lost the popular vote by over seven million votes. He lost in an election with the highest voter participation in our history, clearly declaring the will of the people.

On Nov. 3 he lost Electoral College by landslide win of 306 votes for Joe Biden and only 232 for him. He lost each of the six states whose results he tried to reverse.

He lost in Georgia with the initial election results. He lost in Georgia’s recount. He lost again in their second recount. He lost again in the third recount.

He lost in Wisconsin initially. He lost again by even more in their recount.

He lost all six lawsuits brought in Georgia.

He lost 61 of 62 lawsuits across the country.

He lost twice at the Supreme Court.

He lost Dec. 8, the day by which the states’ governors certified their electoral votes, to protect them from congressional challenges. He lost Dec. 14 when electoral ballots were submitted in each state’s capital. He lost Dec. 30 when Georgia announced that Cobb County’s audit found that “no fraudulent absentee ballots were identified.”

He lost Jan. 6 when his violent insurrection against Congress and the Capitol was defeated. Four citizens died in that insurrection.

He lost Jan. 6 when National Association of Manufacturers called for him to be removed from office using the 25th Amendment.

He lost Jan. 7 when the Republican objection to the counting of Arizona’s electoral votes failed.

He lost Jan. 7 when the Republican objection to the counting of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes failed.

He lost Jan. 7 when Congress counted 306 electoral votes for Joe Biden and only 232 for him.

He lost Jan. 7 when the Speaker of the House called for his removal from office.

In four years, he managed to lose the House, Senate and presidency. So much losing.

Yet, because he saw thousands of cheering fans at rallies and fewer, socially distanced supporters at Biden’s rallies, he tells you he won. How could he have not won? (Hint: votes determine the winner, not number of rally attendees.)

Yet, since his vote count in 2020 was greater than in 2016, he tells you he won. If more people adore him now, than before, he must have won. (Hint: the candidate with even one more electoral vote than his opponent’s total wins the election.)

Donald Trump is the loser.

Sarah Maxwell


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