‘National Friends’ week observed

National Friends of Libraries Week is Oct. 17-23.

The Paulding County Carnegie Library wants to take this opportunity to celebrate our Friends of the Library organizations. Our Friends groups support the library and provides a place for the community to “recycle” gently used books.

Please consider donating your new or gently used books to the bookstore.

Each of the five Paulding County Carnegie Library locations has the support of a Friends group. The Friends groups have donated prizes, supported programs and events at your library.

Their generous donation of time and effort in maintaining the bookstore reaps substantial benefits for Paulding County residents.

Three Paulding County branch library buildings are provided by the local Friends groups. Please consider supporting your local library Friends group by joining and actively participating in the Library Friends Organization.

Your participation does make a difference in your community.

Ellen Williams


(Editor’s note: Ellen Williams is director of the Paulding County Carnegie Library.)

Letter seemed to politicize coronavirus

Was the letter to the editor by Rolland Myers in the Sept. 30 issue of The Crescent-News intended to be an encouragement to wear a mask and get a covid shot? Or was it intended to degrade someone who doesn’t think or believe like he (the author) believes?

The author states that politicians are misrepresenting the majority of our community and playing their base. Can that statement be proven? Is that a lie, or truth or just an opinion? It’s great to have opinions, but opinions aren’t always the truth.

Is the coronavirus a political issue? Apparently the author wants to make it one. Should the coronavirus be used as a weapon to degrade people? I would think everyone should know the answer to that question.

To me the coronavirus is a personal health issue. Having said that, I also realize a need to help protect others. But my health decisions are mine, not yours. After all, I’m not cutting off the arms and legs of an unborn baby.

Doesn’t the Word of God state that “no one knows a man’s heart but he himself and God.”

How can the author be sure Solomon’s children would have worn masks? The health decisions concerning our children are more complex than the one-size-fits-all belief that some people have. No one is more concerned about the health of our children than the parents of these children.

I thought I understood about children, then I became a parent and realized how much I didn’t know. God taught me and is still teaching me how to be a parent.

Words are easy to write, opinions are easy to have. Decisions concerning someone you love are difficult to make. Don’t make them more difficult by adding politics or slander or hate into the process. God’s word is always good. I understand Solomon also wrote “all is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

Keith Myers

rural Oakwood

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