What about the lives of the aborted?

I am writing in response to the Thursday, Sept. 10 letter to the editor written by Rev. David Plant from Defiance. I was interested to hear his perspective of what Democrats believe, especially his concluding paragraph.

He stated, “foremost, Democrats believe in a nation where all people are ‘created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ... .’ Vote.”

His letter makes a good plea for many positive ideals espoused by the Democratic Party. However, somehow he and the Democratic Party continually overlook the rights of a segment of our society: pre-born children. In this country we have a great disparity as to whether or not they are endowed with the right for life.

Consider that our courts of law compensate families for the accidental death of an unborn child. Consider that a fetus is generally considered viable after 24 weeks of life. And yet, a woman has the right (by abortion) to kill her child and totally destroy the hope of them ever experiencing “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Rev. Plant’s last word in his letter, “vote.” But my further admonition is for you to research the platforms and vote wisely. Democrats believe that killing, by abortion, is acceptable and should be payed for by government (i.e. taxpayers.) Do your homework. Check out their platform. Can you really vote for a party and/or candidate that condones the killing of innocent lives?

Celeste Schrock

rural Wauseon

Grinder pump issue raises questions

Eighty-four home and business owners were notified May 11 that their grinder pumps would no longer be maintained by the county.

The minutes of the meeting of county commissioners held on May 7 reveals interesting things about how and why the commissioners decided to stop maintaining grinder pumps in the area of Switzer Road, Timbercrest Drive, Mirival Lane, Stone Gate, Christy Road and others.

Brad Fritch, director of wastewater operations, began the discussion of grinder pumps in the May 7 meeting by saying work on the express system was being done outside of easements, including changing grinder pumps. The customers were not being billed for this work. He showed detailed expenses for this work over the last four years (details not shown in the minutes).

He also stated Russ Herman, assistant prosecuting attorney, provided an opinion that the county is not obligated to continue to maintain any of the items outside of the sewer’s easements.

The minutes of the May 7 board meeting read: “The board (of commissioners) directed Brad to discontinue completing this work …” but do not reflect any resolution on the matter. There was no motion made or seconded, or any vote. In my opinion, that is a violation of Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section ORC305.09 and ORC 305.10. I believe it is safe to conclude the decision was motivated by cost avoidance.

The easement matter appears to be a phony excuse to abandon this sewer system after 18 years. I have reviewed easements for property owners on Mirival Lane and do not understand how it can be said work is being done “outside of easements.” The common language in these easements for each home covers express line, grinder and connections to the home.

We have an opportunity on Nov. 3 to change the makeup of the board of county commissioners.We could possibly have this matter put to a vote in January by the new board of commissioners and obtain a reversal on the grinder pump issue.

I have talked to three candidates — Diane Mayer, John Hancock and David Kern. I believe all three would be inclined to vote favorably on this issue. We already know Mr. Pocratsky’s position by his assent to the board’s action.

If we vote wisely in November and can convince enough friends and family to do the same, we can solve this problem.

Joe Daly

rural Defiance

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