Trump provides evidence

No significant wrongdoing in the 2020 election has been found despite numerous recounts, audits and court cases.

Finally, some evidence: Check out the audio of Trump’s phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state on Saturday.

Steve Rettig


COVID has changed many things

Since March COVID has changed all of our lives as everyone knows. I hope that everyone is trying to stay safe.

It has been very different for me since I cannot attend mass because I have MS. I am high risk. I watch mass on an Ipad.

Despite lots of regulations, I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas. Remember Christmas isn’t spending lots of money on presents or putting up lots of decorations. It is remembering Jesus’ birth.

Rose Ann Kunesh


Republicans need to say no to Trump

Once again we see a disgruntled, anti-science Trumper ranting about the wearing of masks. More than 20 states now ordered mask mandates and health departments, businesses, etc., get their authority from the elected officials in their state government. In fact, Republicans have filed impeachment articles against Gov. DeWine over his orders related to COVID-19.

Last spring President Trump formed an advisory taskforce composed of scientists, experts on viruses and pandemics, headed by Vice-President Pence. World renowned virologist Dr. Fauci, lead scientist on this taskforce, has told us that the worst is still to come. We are facing a dark winter and can save thousands of lives by wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding large crowds and family gatherings.

What would the adherents of Trumpism, who so loudly extol its imagined virtues, have us do — take the damn the torpedoes, full-speed-ahead approach and continue all activities unabated? A new variant which is even more infectious has not reached our shores and this would result in tens of thousands of American deaths.

While Trump and his enablers were downplaying the spread of the virus or were simply MIA, scientists have produced a near miracle. Using new technology they have created two vaccines which are 95% effective in less than a year with other vaccines and treatments on the way.

President Trump has completely abdicated all responsibilities and is focused on his bogus claims of election fraud. Secretaries of state from both parties, even our courts, where you must have evidence, not conspiracy theories, found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Trump, however, refuses to accept the results.

In a stormy meeting at the White House exploring options to overturn the election, General Flynn, whom Trump recently pardoned, proposed that he declare martial law and force the critical states he lost to hold new elections. Though we might be tempted to think of them as just dumb and dumber, that this was seriously considered as an option is shocking and dangerous, and would be nothing less than an attempted coup.

Judging by their rapid response our military also considered this to be a significant threat to our democracy. The secretary of defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and several retired generals said the military has no role in domestic elections.

The Republican Party must do something it has consistently refused to do — say no to this madman.

Willie Pack


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