Masks do prevent spread of disease

”Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Currently there are 70 million Americans still eligible for vaccinations against COVID. A very few have good reasons for not being vaccinated, but the great majority do not.

With freedom should come responsibility. There should be a responsibility to the young mother in the grocery who is wearing a mask with her two young children also wearing masks. She is trying to protect her children against the unvaccinated, unmasked shoppers. There should be a responsibility to those nurses and doctors trying to save the lives of the 90% of their ICU patients who are unvaccinated.

The U.S. has now passed 670,000 deaths from the COVID virus — that is more deaths than was caused by the flu pandemic of 1918. Currently one of five hundred Americans has died from the COVID virus. These are outstanding and unsetting figures many are ignoring, since their freedom of choice is more important to them.

Yes, Americans do have freedom of choice, but when that freedom impinges on the well-being of others, there should be a responsibility to do what is right for the community and for one’s neighbor. If you profess to follow Christian ethics, then think of Jesus’s admonition: to care for your neighbor.

Wear a mask when you are in close contact with others in public. It is a scientific fact that wearing masks does prevent water droplets carrying virus particles from the mouth and nose from spreading to others or from other people spreading the virus to you. Get vaccinated. When more Americans get vaccinated, the less the virus will be able to spread — and to cause new variants.

Yes, Americans have choices in relating to the COVID virus, but those choices should be ones to help curb the COVID virus in one’s community and one’s nation.

Mary Williams

rural Cecil

BIden’s decision had huge consequences

In reference to Sarah Maxwell’s recent letter, President Biden already made changes to Trump’s negotiated withdrawal plan months ago. He could have extended it until all Americans and allies were out of Afghanistan. If he had allowed the U.S. military to maintain control of the large Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, we would have had unlimited air power to defend our interest and resupply our military until all Americans and allies were withdrawn.

The Taliban had too much to lose to pick a fight with the most powerful airforce and military in the world. They would have waited a few more weeks rather than jeopardize their military gains.

Instead, Biden overruled his military advisors and refused to allow them enough troops to maintain the large Bagram Military Air Base which would have allowed for the safe protection and evacuation of all American citizens, European allies and Afghan partners. Bagram is one of the largest and most defendable air bases in the world.

That decision caused the U.S. military to leave behind at Bagram over $70 billion worth of the latest U.S. military equipment and made the Taliban the best equipped Terrorist organization in the world. The U.S. military had to settle for Kabul Airport, a small single runway civilian airport, located in a city of four million people, and almost impossible to defend.

Biden then set a date to withdraw all U.S. military personnel that did not give them adequate time to evacuate all American citizens, European allies and Afghan partners. He did what no leader should ever do and withdrew the military before all American citizens had been withdrawn.

In addition to trying to blame Trump for his own mistakes, Biden has also blamed the Afghan military. Over 66,000 Afghan soldiers and police and 2,448 American service members died fighting the Taliban.

The collapse of the Afghan military took place after the U.S. withdrew its military advisors and air support from the fight.

Biden’s goal was simply to remove all U.S. military personnel before 9/11/2021 so he could claim to be the president that ended the 20-year Afghanistan War.

While the American public supported the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, they did not support the amateurish, clumsy way the Biden Administration did it. According to the latest polls on President Biden’s job performance on Afghanistan is 36% approved, 60% disapproved.

Jerry Monnin Sr.


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