Trump a threat to Social Security

In the Sept. 29 Crescent-News Jim Grant had a very good letter. Donald Trump’s proposed payroll tax cut is a threat to Social Security. Do not vote for Donald Trump.

Everyone in older years needs Social Security.

Some people say Donald Trump is the best choice. Now, I am going to be criticized for what I wrote. I am only stating the facts.

Remember, ask God’s help.

Rose Ann Kunesh


That’s no way to expand the base

Let me get this straight. Most Republicans agree there is a need to expand the base of the party and become more inclusive.

Donald Trump is courting the votes of the Michigan Militia, the Proud Boys, and the members of QAnon. Is this the new Republican coalition? Really?

Steve Rettig


Mayer is right for the job

Although we were acquainted with Diane Mayer for several years before, we did not know of her compassionate and leadership qualities until she came to the assisted living facility at which our mothers resided.

There, she helped organize various activities for the residents, which included many different crafts and projects that they may never have tried without her guidance.

This kind of care and leadership will carry over into her role as a county commissioner and will serve the residents of Defiance County well. We will be voting for Diane Mayer during this election.

Linda Hageman

rural Defiance

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