Republican Party has lost its way

Where has the Grand Old Party of the Republic gone? My parents and their parents before them were Republicans. (My father took a break when he supported FDR. His family had experienced the dire consequences of the Great Depression.)

As our nation suffers a pandemic and economic crisis, why do today’s Republican leaders condemn Democrats for “socialized” views similar to FDR’s? Yet they ignore extremists who promote disinformation leading to violence and death in our nation’s Capital.

Rep. Mo Brooks words, “Today is the day that American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass,” at the Save America rally on Wednesday preceding the riot at the U.S. Capitol helped spark chaos, destruction and death on Jan. 6. Likewise, Rep. Madison Cawthorn promoted the “big lie” of election fraud. Numerous Republican secretaries of state and Attorney General Barr have refuted this lie.

Rep. Laura Boebert railed against the “stolen 2020” election, resisted House rules by carrying a handgun onto the House floor, and sent incendiary tweets ahead of the U.S. Capitol riot.

Republican House Minority Leader McCarthy, not only ignored the QAnon statements of Margaret Taylor Greene, he appointed her to the Education Committee even though she had stated that two of the most heinous school shootings were staged. Her advocacy of conspiracy theories outraged grieving parents and traumatized classmates.

Conservative Republicans are beginning to flee from the increasingly radical Trumpian contingent within the GOP. Senator Rob Portman reflected this when he announced that he is not running for Senate in 2022. Portman noted: “Congress is no place for a moderate Republican. The Republican Party has lost its way.”

Adam Kinzinger recently created a new Republican PAC. “Today’s Republican Party, it’s not the one I joined. The GOP I signed up for was built on a foundation of principle, and it was filled with hope.” Kinzinger characterized his new PAC as a return to “conservative principles” and opined that his party had “lost its moral authority … .”

While I do not share my parents’ affiliation with the Republican Party, they were my heroes for their compassion, understanding and strong ethics founded on our Christian faith. Democracy requires a loyal opposition. Not an opposition that promotes a “big lie” and incites insurrection.

Kudos to Rep. Kinzinger. I hope many will join him. A morally revitalized Republican Party will depend upon this. So too, the health and safety of our democracy.

Dorothy Singer

rural Defiance

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