Letter presented ‘brilliant analogy’

This letter is written with reference to Robert Kohl’s brilliant analogy (June 3) comparing the current US political statement to 17th Century Germany’s Catholic Protestant skirmishes. Certainly his premise is valid. I have never considered the Blue vs. Red wrangling as based on religious concepts, but I can accept the analogy.

Certainly we have an unbridgeable divide, and the members of each side have declared themselves righteously right and have invited their opponents to go (hang, impale, etc) themselves.

Going one step beyond the philosophical divide, the real danger of the extreme polarity and the increasing hostility is the attitude of both sides that “winning” against the hated opponent justifies whatever means they may employ to achieve it.

For example, the blue adherents seem to promote or at least condone violent riots, fraudulent election tactics and a closed managed national press corp. The red adherents seem to condone violent insurrectionist activities.

I shudder to imagine what might be next!

So long as we are engaged in a 50-50 tug of war; I believe we should at least demand certain basic precepts;

• freedom of the press- and with it, the responsibility of the press to accurately report NEWS on both sides, not acting as mouthpiece and protector of one party, as is now the case.

• fraud-free elections, and a federal judicial mechanism to challenge and adjudicate allegations of election fraud instantly.

• a resolution that our institutions (Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, all government buildings) are sacrosanct and must be protected.

• violent political statements are not free speech and will be prosecuted, not condoned.

• free speech in all media will be guaranteed and cannot be regulated, censored or suppressed unless it explicitly promotes violence.

The task is immense, but we must begin somewhere.

John Goldenetz


Planned Parenthood and abortion

My Christian values are shouting our against the present federal administration for the immoral use of abortion.

They continue to use Planned Parenthood to kill 345,871 defenseless babies each year and want to be morally correct. Wrong on both counts. Then to add to this, they want to four-pack by adding seats to the Supreme Court.

Where do they get their moral right? It certainly is not from the Bible. Colossians 3:1 says, “If you then be risen with Christ, see those things which are from above, where Christ sits on the right half of God.” Verse 2: “Set your mind on things above, not on things on the Earth.”

Somewhere we are being led astray. I choose to follow God’s direction, and I always try to remember who is in charge. Who do you try to follow?

John Wilson


Inspired by teen’s courage

I recently read, with great dismay, the article detailing the assault of a gay student who had taken the brave step of yielding his anonymity and proudly donned the pride flag as a declaration of who he is. For this act, he was rewarded with a beating.

Tristen, first and foremost, I think you are a very brave soul. Never, never let anyone force you to be anything less than the brave and beautiful soul that you are. And, it does get better. I grew up in Defiance, it was a different age, with much different social mores. I never would have been brave enough in that environment to do what you did. Times change, laws change and life moves ever forward.

Now I live in the Berkshires in Massachusetts with my husband of three years. When I was your age, that wouldn’t even have been possible legally. Our town is the famous Norman Rockwell painting of Christmas on Main Street USA. We are well known in our community, and accepted not in spite of who we are, but because of who we are.

I would be lying if I said that I read the article and watched the video stoically, I didn’t. I wept. The stunning disregard for basic human dignity was devastating. I can only hope that the error of their ways can be impressed upon those who perpetrated the assault, either by logic, or by punishment.

The saddest part, I think, is that the words of Rodgers and Hammerstein from South Pacific, wherein they stated “you’ve got to be carefully taught,” still rings true some 72 years later.

Please do not be deterred by this incident. You deserve to be you. No one can take that away from you. I wanted to write you a more personal letter, but this seemed the most expedient way to express support.

Brian Barnett

Glendale, Mass.

Who is the ‘self’?

We can’t have self-government if we don’t govern ourselves, right?

Who is “self?” In the Bible basis for law and government, “self” is the “natural-man” physical body inheritance as a descendant of Adam and Eve who were contaminated by learning the knowledge of how to sin by disobeying God’s orders and believing the lie of the angel Lucifer (“Satan,” meaning the “evil one”). So, according to “original sin” theology, all humans are flawed in one way or another and the only perfect human is Jesus Christ, God’s son, fathered by the Holy Spirit of God.

The Bible basis self also includes the spiritual man” with Jesus Christ being the only perfect spiritual man because Jesus was fathered by the Spirit energy of God. Adam was God’s “natural-man” son (Luke 3:38) and Jesus is God’s “spiritual-man” son (Luke 3:32).

In Hebrew the word “soul” means “a breathing creature,” and in Greek the word for “soul” means “breath” (“psuche”) but also refers to “pneuma,” meaning “breath plus spirit” which includes humans, God, angels and demons.

In the Genesis record of human origins the first man was formed from the dust of the Earth (soil), and God breathed life into Adam (and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7). That means “self” includes a living soul.

Since Jesus became a living soul fathered directly by the Spirit energy of God inside Mary’s womb Jesus’ spirit is not subject to death, so Jesus agreed to subject himself to hell on earth, Satan’s hell, and death for the sin-sacrifice for all humans for a total of three days, but then arose form death to prove that if “self” serves God first, then hell on Earth, Satan, and hell in the grave are conquered by the Spirit of life from God.

Human knowledge cannot create life (“biogenesis” proven by Pasteur). Natural body “politic” is defined as “ingenious, crafty, sly, cunning,” and it dies. Under “evolution,” when a body dies it’s dead.

God’s truth, as delivered by Christ (John 18:37) says there’s more to self than sin scum. Has self been “baptized” to sterilize the evil one’s lies? For God’s Spirit-energy truth self has to read the Holy Bible (not revised) and learn God’s law as interpreted by Christ.

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

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