Disappointed, but not discouraged

As I write this it’s become sadly apparent that Mozart — i.e., a fountain of creative imagination — has been replaced by Salieri — i.e., the “patron saint of the mediocre” (PSM).

My fellow citizens have spoken, and I must respect their choice. Accordingly, I’m obliged to support PSM at least until his shortcomings have become all too obvious, which I suspect will happen rather sooner than later. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps the new president will demonstrate sufficient stamina and integrity to withstand the tidal forces exerted by Wall Street/Silicon Valley corporate interests (campaign funds), avowed socialists (votes), and the federal bureaucracy at whose pleasure (and mercy) he will serve.

I’m not optimistic, especially since the interests of these forces seldom coincide with those of us who live in “fly-over” country.

As an unabashed Trump supporter I’m of course disappointed. Still, the elation of 2016 can never be diminished by subsequent setbacks. Moreover, I suspect that despite his many flaws (great men often display great flaws), Donald Trump will go down as the most consequential one-term president in U.S. history. Let’s face it, Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a vast movement of diverse Americans who are anything but mediocre.

Mediocre people will allow a virus, even one with a very low fatality rate, to mandate “virtual” living. For Trump’s Americans, “virtual living” isn’t living at all, but mere existence, be it the frightful existence of “1984,” or the sensually pleasant but pointless existence of “Brave New World.”

Mediocre people permit themselves to be pigeonholed into arbitrary “communities” by media, corporate and bureaucratic elites. Trump people don’t. Rather, they demand respect as unique and free individuals responsible for and only for their own words and actions.

Thus, in asking others to bear with minor inconveniences caused by the exercise of their liberties, Trump people will grant in return the same measure of tolerance to those whose liberties might inconvenience them.

Unlike the mediocre, Trump people are not easily convinced that what was right yesterday is wrong today, or that the heroes of the past be condemned as present-day villains. For them, values and heroism are enduring, and not to be held hostage by the whims of fashion, whether originating from Harvard or from Hollywood.

The fact that the mediocre have elected their patron saint as president is disappointing; yes, disappointing, but by no means discouraging … never discouraging!

Robert Kohl

rural Defiance

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