‘Fate of democracy’ at stake

Our democratic institutions have prevailed because of honest men and women, including many Republicans in state governments and election officials of both political parties who stood their ground, refusing to be intimidated.

Democracies are fragile and must be constantly nurtured and supported by their citizens. Ours is ill-equipped to deal with attempts to subvert our elections. We must no longer depend on honest officials, or norms and history to protect their fairness. Stats should streamline and standardize the whole election process and codify it into law. We must never again be vulnerable to questions concerning their integrity.

A local resident stated recently in this column that the election is over, “Trump lost, legally or illegally, we’ll never know.”

She, like many Republicans, are still trying to perpetuate the “Big Lie” that our election was stolen. It wasn’t. Secretaries of state from both political parties have said there was no widespread voter fraud. The courts in over 60 cases found none. Many of the judges were Trump appointees, proving that they are not just politicians in robes, as he believes. Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a devastating speech condemned Trump, virtually parroting House impeachment managers.

Our very diverse nation may crumble and fall from within, as President Lincoln feared, if we cannot erase Trump’s legacy of hate. He, however, still wields enormous influence over the Republican Party and is its acknowledged leader.

His daughter Ivanka is considering running for senator from Florida and his daughter-in-law has political aspirations in Georgia.

The Republican Party has emerged bruised, battered and looking for scapegoats. Instead of honest and transparent self-examination, they offer gaslighting or even flagrant lies. The FBI has said that right-wing extremists are our greatest terrorism threat. For years these radical thugs have flocked to the Republican Party, who welcomed them with open arms.

Republicans are outspoken about what they’re against, but what do they stand for? From outside it looks like racism, conspiracy theories and Jim Crow-era voter suppression. Georgia Republicans are pushing a bill that would restrict early and absentee voting and require two proofs of identification.

The whole world is watching us, our allies with concern, our enemies with eyes akin to those of vultures. If we lose our way and our republic stumbles, the resurgence of Russia and the rise of China brings into question the fate of democracy everywhere.

Willie Pack


Words left out of the Bible

In 1901 a Christian man named Louis Klopsch, supported by his close friend — the prominent Gospel preacher Thomas De Witt Talmage — felt inspired by God to publish the Holy Bible with the words of Christ highlighted in red print.

The Christian Church rejoiced to see the greatest words ever spoken honored with the special dignity of being printed in red letters in the Holy Bible.

Perhaps you possess a red-letter authorized Kimg James Bible. Consider then that when you read those words in red print you are reading the greatest words every spoken by man.

In John 7:46 of Holy Scripture the speech of Jesus is evaluated in these terms: “Never man spake like this man.”

And John 5:68-69 Simon Peter made this confession of faith concerning the words of Jesus: “Lord, to whom shall we go Those hast the words of eternal life.

“And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the son of the living God.”

But as the Bible continues to be changed, now even red-letter words that indicate words spoken directly from the mouth of God are being taken out of the Bible!

Here now are eight examples of words spoken by Christ that have been taken out of Scripture by modern Bibles.

1. Revelation 1:11, “I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.”

2. Matthew 5:22, “without a cause.”

3. Matthew 18:11, For the son of man is come to save that which was lost.”

4. Matthew 17:21, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

5. Luke 4:8, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

6. Luke, 4:18, “He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted.”

7. Luke, 17:36, “Two men shall be in the field: the one shall be taken, and the other left.”

8. Luke 4:4, “but by every word of God.”

Look closely to see if these words are in the Bible you are using. And if the church you are going to does not use the authorized King James Bible, you are probably gong to find out that these words of our Lord are missing.

Steve Omasta


Some alarming similarities

Let us for a moment consider the similarities between the election of Nov. 3, 2020 and the future world leader, called the Antichrist, who is mentioned in the Bible’s book of Revelation. Both utilized an outside source to gain power.

The president used the power of Big Tech to silence the opposition’s voice and speak for him while the future leader will have a representative called the false prophet.

Both rule by deceit, promising peace and unity but actually sowing discord, war and poverty. They both persecute their opposition: the current ruler with financial and social ruin and the future leader with death.

Our current leader is not the Antichrist, although he is acting against Christian teaching while claiming to be a Christian. The future leader will actually claim to be God; they both have been deceived by Satan himself. They eventually stand before the real God and give account of their actions. Justice will finally be served on humanity.

Perry Stauffer


Questionable lockdowns

Kudos to Jeffrey Horvath for his recent critique of “one-size-fits-all” public policy.

Indeed, it has been my contention for some time now that such generalization is among the many key weaknesses of an administrative state.

Managing variations within populations or across geographic regions is akin to herding cats. Bureaucrats much prefer herding sheep.

I do, however, question the contention that public officials lack expertise. In an age characterized by hyper-specialization there is, if anything, an over-abundance of expertise; it’s just that such expertise comes with a concurrent lack of wisdom.

Take Dr. Fauci for example. Few would deny that he has probably acquired a greater knowledge of virology than anyone else living or dead. This expertise, however, is gained at the expense of an astonishing ignorance of economics and psychology (among other subjects). As a result, he lacks the wisdom needed to appreciate that economic and psychological effects stemming from nationwide lockdowns vary widely among individuals. Consequently, for many the hygienic benefits of such may not outweigh associated costs.

Ironically, state data (see RealClearPolitics) cast serious doubt even on the promised benefits of these lockdowns, there being virtually no difference in COVID fatality rates relative either to population, or to total infections between more draconian states such as Ohio and California, and the less restrictive Florida and Texas.

Noting the president’s obvious cognitive limitations, and given a cabinet selected for innate qualities rather than administrative competence, I fear that the current administration has neither the ability nor the desire to rein in efforts by the bureaucracy to mandate the imposed uniformity to which Mr. Horvath so convincingly objects.

Mr. Biden’s recent Carteresque address drove the point home by promising that if we all acquiesce to the letter of Dr. Fauci’s edicts we just might be permitted to gather in very small groups by Independence Day.

Still, it’s comforting to note that his paternalistic admonitions have been largely ignored by the thousands of spirited young people who’ve descended on Florida to enjoy spring break. Neither, I suspect, will they impress the thousands of baseball fans who will show up in person to cheer on their favorite teams in Texas next month.

While our legislature in Columbus gives hope that we in Ohio may join the liberated states, Gov. Mike “Heed Your Nanny” DeWine continues to thwart our emancipation.

Hoping for more from JH in the future.

Robert Kohl

rural Defiance

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