America was once good

This country needs men and women of courage who take their spiritual convictions seriously!

Some men and women are eager to take any conviction seriously (sexual deviation, abortion, greed, politically correct nonsense) except spiritual convictions.

We are a nation of Christian roots. All too often, however, atheist politicians and media rule men’s opinion more than the spiritual priorities of this nation’s founding.

“It’s not that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so,” President Ronald Reagan said.

America was great when America was good (not perfect), and America was good when it was Christian and her churches preached righteousness!

Nancy Deitrick


Neighborhood lost a good friend

We lost a neighbor. His name was Dave Daoust. My wife, sons and I moved into the neighborhood in 1975. All four of my children grew up knowing Dave.

He had one of the first in-ground swimming pools in Defiance. There were many kids in our neighborhood that enjoyed the summer time in Dave’s pool. Dave worked at First Federal over 30 years and was seen mowing and keeping the lawn looking great. Dave kept his lawn at home just as meticulous.

As his health declined and the pool filled in, Bill, Leonard and I would mow and take care of his lawn. The four musketeers as we were known by the neighbors also expanded our help to daily conversations or daily mailbox meetings just to say hi.

We would, as well as my wife, watch to make sure he made it to the mailbox and back in the house. Dave’s daughter Tammy and husband Ted would come from Holland, Ohio on Saturday or Sunday to make meals for the week and do things around the house.

Dave loved to sit out front to take in the warm day and sit under the maple tree. Sometimes, Bill,Leonard or I would go over and sit with him. Dave would want to pay us for doing things, but we said no. So, if he offered me a beer I would generously drink one with him.

I know it will take a long time to look own at his house and not see him sitting out front taking in the sunshine. he will be missed.

Mike Peffley


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