Does OSU study Revelation?

Right now the Earth is revolving around the sun which is about 93 million miles away, so to make one revolution it maintains a speed of about 68,000 miles per hour.

The Earth’s moon travels along with the Earth, causing the tides along the coastlines of oceans as it revolves around the Earth. The tides pull the sewage from the coasts to the depths of the oceans where it is digested by tiny worms called nematodes to purify the water.

Reference books says 3,761 years from the Hebrew lunar calendar have to be added to our Gregorian solar calendar to determine the year of Creation by Almighty God. This figure plus 2,021 totals 5,782 years since Creation.

Who’s credibility do we believe? For instance, in the 1950s World Book Encylopedia the article on oceans was written by a geography professor at Ohio State University who stated that no life could exist at the depths of the oceans because of the water pressure at depths of miles deep and, besides, no sunlight necessary for life could penetrate the depths.But since then the nematodes have been revealed (“discovered”) and light has been revealed (“discovered”) coming from “chemosynthesis,” meaning chemical reactions cause light at the depths.

Ohio State geography professors have seen natural light revealed at the ocean depths. Did Ohio State’s basketball team see any spiritual light from Oral Roberts Christian University? Or will it take “Revelation?”

“Revelation” discovery to those who do not study the depths of spiritual light is the last book in the King James Bible English translation that reveals what will occur before the Earth stops revolving.

Here’s one Revelation item: The sunlight won’t get through (Revelation 6:12; Matthew 24:29). One possible cause, ashes in atmosphere from volcanic eruptions.

Mt. Zion is where Jerusalem is located and there is a fault line that runs from Jerusalem south down into Africa, and there are seven volcanoes in the U.S.A. Oregon area, plus Hawaii, etc.

Is the Bible a book of anthology? No. “Armageddon” (Revelation 16:16) is at the valley of Megiddo right near Nazareth, the home town of Jesus Christ. The name “Jesus” is Greek for “Joshua” in Hebrew which means “Yeshua” (Jesus) saves.” Is the Bible’s Revelation studied at Ohio State? Or is Ohio State just another “spin-off.”

Larry Tonjes

rural Hicksville

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