The latest tragedies ...

The reaction to the latest mass shootings has followed a pattern similar to the ones that came before it, including demands for more gun control and the inevitable blaming of President Trump.

Some parts of the debate are more sensible than others, but many of the arguments are rooted in emotion and not logic. Unfortunately, addressing this problem isn’t as simple as taking guns away from people or providing more background checks. Gun restrictions already are in place all over the country, including America’s most deadly cities.

As for the suggestion that Trump is to blame — or somebody — this isn’t a serious debate point. The shooters in both these incidents — one in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton — expressed views that seemed to be completely opposed to each other. Regardless, no politician should be blamed for the unhinged behavior of any individual.

Unfortunately, the road that got us to where we are today is a long, complicated one. And, sadly, there may not be a legislative solution to stop it. The erosion of American cultural mores and attitudes that has helped create individuals capable of this type of behavior didn’t happen overnight, and it has had a profound impact on our society. We can ignore that at our peril.

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