Defund the police? ...

This is an actual headline from Monday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper: “Most of Minneapolis City Council pledges to ‘begin the process of ending the police department.’”

Los Angeles has joined the movement, and is proposing to cut 5% or more of its police budget and redirect funds to programs benefiting black communities.

What Minneapolis City Council is considering sounds more like a matter of giving in to the wishes of protesters. So, one wonders if this is more of a statement in the heat of the moment than a serious idea.

If Minneapolis really follows through, the city’s leaders should understand that law-abiding citizens who can afford to live somewhere else may simply move to safer areas. And city officials may have to learn the hard way that such policies will invite lawlessness. Residents and businesses, unfortunately, may be the big losers and the first to see the consequences.

That this is even a serious discussion topic is a sign of the times, when facts, logic and common sense seem to be lacking.

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