With the arrest of now former Ohio House of Representatives Speaker Larry Householder on bribery-related charges, Republicans have a bit of an image issue. But they and the House went a long way this week in correcting that by removing Householder in a 91-0 vote, and then affirming Rep. Bob Cupp of Lima as the new speaker on Thursday.

As a former Ohio Supreme Court justice and state senator, Cupp has the integrity necessary to move on from this difficult chapter in the House’s history. Householder’s election in January 2019 already was controversial in that he was elected — unusually — without a majority of his party and on the backs of the opposing party.

This time around Republicans narrowly chose Cupp during a closed-door caucus meeting. But they were almost completely united in open session when it came time to affirm him.

He should prove a good choice, and put the House in good hands as members get on with the state’s work.

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