A dangerous job ...

Name a few dangerous jobs and a number may come up frequently. A law enforcement job surely would be among them. Officers go into a variety of situations that can turn volatile and dangerous at any moment.

A Highway Patrol trooper’s job would fall into that category, perhaps, for different reasons than, say, a city police officer or a sheriff’s deputy who may walk into a domestic situation that turns ugly or will have to walk into other dangerous crime scenes.

A Patrol trooper likely won’t be called to a domestic incident or asked to break up a fight, but he or she faces the potential for tremendous danger every day just by making what may appear to be a routine traffic citation, depending on who they stop or whether other motorists drive safely while they’re going about their jobs.

The latter was demonstrated on Sept. 4 when a Highway Patrol sergeant (Fernando Chavez of Defiance) was writing a traffic ticket on four-lane U.S. 24 when his parked cruiser was struck from behind by an errant pickup. A passenger in that vehicle was tragically killed while the driver was severely injured. Chavez sustained injury, but is recovering well and has returned to work.

This is the type of ever-present danger that our law enforcement officers face each day. We should appreciate them for what they do and the risks they take — and their families understand — on our behalf.

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