Fixing more streets ...

The condition of Defiance’s streets — probably like any community’s — is one of those topics that will doubtlessly generate a good deal of discussion, and opinion. And indeed in recent years Defiance has had its share of challenges in this area while spending for paving — a much more expensive endeavor for the past decade due to a steep rise in asphalt prices — has been modest.

An increase in the state’s gas tax — 10.5 cents per gallon for most people on July 1 — will help Defiance, and other communities and counties, address the situation.

In a perfect world, taxes would not rise andgovernment services would remain efficient and within bounds. But the purpose of this editorial is not to debate the pros and cons of the gas tax hike. Rather, it’s to comment on the street work that was proposed by Mayor Mike McCann’s administration Tuesday to city council for the remainder of the year and 2020.

It’s a decent-sized list, with a number of streets — such as the southern half of Carpenter Road — in the works for next year, although that is not set in stone.

The city also plans to experiment with the use of chip/seal work, a shorter-term — but less expensive — option than paving. That avenue could allow even more street maintenance.

Some of this work would be undertaken without the gas tax hike, and indeed more probably could have been budgeted in previous years by council. But whatever the reasons for the proposed list, it represents a step forward.

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