Making elections go ...

The passing of the election filing deadline in Ohio last week for ballot issues and non-partisan races is a reminder of how well our voting process does work. You will occasionally hear how the system has its problems and, perhaps, some alarming complaints from a particular venue. Some of this, of course, is driven by what’s going on with national partisan politics.

But overwhelmingly, our system functions very well, despite an ever-changing technological world. This also means additional expense, such as that associated with new voting machines for Ohio’s counties.

Defiance County, for example, is equipped with new machines in time for November’s election. This will give county officials and voters valuable experience in their use before what will surely be a busy presidential election in November 2020.

What helps make these elections run smoothly is having dedicated people at the local level, including the most basic place — at the polling locations. Election officials and helpers can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of an election, but they deserve recognition and thanks.

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