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Ohio Senate Bill 52 (SB 52) is a victory for those who want to preserve what they love about rural northwest Ohio. The bill, passed by the Ohio General Assembly this week, will give county commissioners more say on where wind farms and solar fields can be built and provide a level of local control on these projects that was missing.

With subsidized green energy in vogue in some national circles, proposed wind and solar projects — often pushed by groups from outside Ohio — have been popping up with some frequency in largely flat northwest Ohio.

But the open countryside is an intrinsic reason and attraction for those who chose to live in these rural areas. The last thing most of them want is to be surrounded by a solar field or staring at a wind turbine.

No doubt many of them and their families have lived here for generations. So, they have a right to have their collective voices heard on a topic so important to their way of life. SB 52 will give them that voice.

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