Voting early ...

The coronavirus situation doubtlessly has changed much about our lives, and voting is certainly one of those aspects.

Notwithstanding mask requirements and other visibly noticeable efforts connected to coronavirus remediation, the election itself is not necessarily that different. In-person voting is going on in the early period and is still planned one week from today when Election Day arrives.

But it’s apparent that many people would prefer to stay away from their usual precinct polling stations on Election Day. For example, 40% of Defiance County’s registered voters had either been sent an absentee ballot as requested or voted in-person as of Monday afternoon. The figures are only slightly less in other area counties.

We know this could be one of the best turnouts in recent memory, given the deep interest in the presidential election. And the early numbers seem to suggest that.

To be sure this month-long early voting period that has produced so much activity has presented the voter with more than enough opportunities to cast a ballot. Whether you agree with early voting or not, no one can say voters didn’t have their chance.

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