A new wetlands? ...

Those with even cursory knowledge of northwest Ohio probably are aware of the region’s swampy history. The Great Black Swamp may have helped as a natural filter for water entering Lake Erie.

Of course we can never return to those pristine days, nor is there much desire — for obvious reasons — to do so. But some efforts have been made to restore wetlands in northwest Ohio, and Defiance officials want to take this approach to help it deal with Ohio EPA mandates concerning water quality.

City council gave the city administration the option Tuesday of purchasing 44.5 acres of flood-prone farm ground on East River Drive, just west of Domersville Road, to establish a wetlands. The purchase — to be covered with H2Ohio grant funds — will only go forward, however, if the city can secure state grant money to build the wetlands.

By itself, this wetlands won’t make a big difference on water quality, but at the bare minimum it may serve as a cheaper alternative to the projects OEPA had been requiring. A lot of things remain to be worked out, but the project is certainly worth considering.

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