On sidewalks ...

Every so often a topic pops up at Defiance City Council meetings that briefly receives a good deal of attention and passion. The maintenance and addition of sidewalks has been one of those topics at two recent city council meetings. One reason is some on council would like to see the city administration do more planning about sidewalks.

Promoting sidewalk improvements is not a bad idea. Well maintained and adequate sidewalks are a sign of a community that has some good things going on. But the fact is any community could spend many millions of dollars more on sidewalk improvements if it had the money and the will. However, there are many other priorities for municipal governments.

In Defiance’s case, a number of new sidewalks have been built in recent years, and more will follow in the next couple, so something is being done. Nevertheless, sidewalks are a good topic for council to revisit from time to time to keep on top of the issue.

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