Almost down ...

A decade ago, bankruptcy closed SK Hand Tool Corporation’s Defiance County location in Richland Township, just outside the Defiance city limits. And for the last 6-7 years, county officials have had some promising prospects for getting it cleaned up, but that effort really only came to fruition earlier this year when a southern Ohio contractor (Warrior Excavating) signed an agreement to demolish the factory and take possession of the property in return for that service.

We’re happy to report that much of the old factory buildings are gone, and could be completely demolished by the end of next week. That’s what one member of the county’s new land bank, which owns the site, said during a meeting Monday.

Before the property is turned over to the contractor, the land must be cleaned up to the county’s satisfaction. That appears to be on target at the moment.

That is good news for Defiance County, if for no other reason than a significant decade-long eyesore will be removed.

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