A messy government ...

It may be true to say that most people would not lose a lot of sleep over the size of the federal government. But they might if they really thought about the enormity and complicated nature of it. The lost sleep might come from trying to untangle how this nation’s federal government will ever get its fiscal house in order, given its size and our federal debt.

Just for the record, the country’s debt has reached $29.7 trillion, and online debt clocks are flickering away so furiously that the furthest numbers to the right barely register.

The subject of bloated government and massive debt is a well visited subject in this space on this page, but it’s a topic that is hard to ignore. A new reminder came in the new “final” rules provided by the federal government about the American Rescue Plan Act money that is being disbursed to counties, cities and townships. The rules are said to run over 400 pages, which speaks to the convoluted mess that is the government generally, but especially the federal government.

One of the great absurdities of our time is that today no one really even talks about the problem of huge government anymore, 25 years after Democratic President Bill Clinton proclaimed that the era of big government was ending.

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