Happy New Year ...

Twenty-one years ago many anticipated the coming new year like no other for obvious reasons: it was the turn of not only a century, but a millennium. Since those only come around every 1,000 years, only a fraction of the human population gets to witness such an event.

To be sure, nothing that historic will take place tonight when the clock strikes 12 and a new year begins. After all, it’s only 2021, a number of no real significance. However, the obvious difference is that many of us want to put a difficult 2020 behind us and hope for better things in 2021, due mostly to the coronavirus situation.

That things could change on this front appears obvious enough as new vaccines arrive to bring healing and reassurance, at least that’s what we hope for in an ever-changing world.

So Happy New Year to all and best wishes to this anticipated change of the calendar.

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