Frustrating mess ...

Public nuisances can be some of the most frustrating things for communities to deal with. Many are complaint-driven, meaning one eyesore may receive lots of attention from officials while another one may not get the same treatment. Private property considerations are another factor that can complicate the mitigation of a mess.

The worst, of course, are the ones that everyone can see, and when they are on a main thoroughfare the nuisance can be embarrassing to the community generally, and public officials in particular. Defiance officials deserve some credit in addressing one of these eyesores during the past week in the 800 block of South Clinton Street.

They cleaned up a mess there not once but twice — the second time coming Wednesday — with help from city employees and Werlor Waste Control. We hope this problem is now taken care of for good, the city having dealt with a similar problem two years ago on Second Street. At times it’s been a trying situation for everyone.

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