A pretty big deal ...

Every once in awhile, Defiance is fortunate enough to host a sports tournament or event of some note. Past softball tournaments and bicycle outings are two examples, and now another one is in the offing.

Next year, a girls softball tournament for ages 14-16 — with, perhaps, 50 teams — will be shifted from Findlay to Defiance on the weekend of June 26-28.

The word from the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau (DDVB) is that the tournament — if things go well with such things as field conditions — may be here to stay for 3-5 years, or longer.

This is good news for Defiance, and congratulations to DDVB officials who have been in contact with the softball tournament officials to bring this event to town.

The tournament would provide some of the more obvious benefits — players, coaches and their families and fans giving the local economy a boost through the services they will use. But it also will give local officials and businesses extra incentive to have Defiance prepared and ready to go when the tournament arrives.

Coincidentally, some of the final items for the new Clinton Street bridge — which is expected to be open to traffic in early December — such as seeding should be finished by June 2020. That would be just in time for what should be another good event for Defiance.

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