Another Independence Day is upon us this weekend, but in many ways it feels much different than normal. The coronavirus situation and protests about things some claim are systemically unjust have caused a lot of questions about America’s future.

Some of these go to the core of what this country is about and the rights all of its citizens enjoy. Within that discussion is some disconcerting assumptions about the country’s foundation and its founders.

But despite all the handwringing, it’s important to remember that America remains a destination point for millions of people who appreciate its liberties and opportunities, and want to come here. We Americans should take stock of that and thank those who set this country in motion more than 200 hundred years ago.

As such, on July 4, we note the experiment in nationhood our forefathers committed themselves to — putting their very lives on the line to do so — 244 years ago this weekend. Was it a perfect country created without flaws? No, but what is flawless on Planet Earth?

America remains a remarkable achievement in 2020 and something worth celebrating.

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