Dangerous examples ...

Northwest Ohio received two reminders during the holiday weekend of how dangerous and spontaneous law enforcement work can be.

The first occurred in Paulding County on Saturday morning when an Indiana man fled from Highway Patrol troopers on U.S. 24 in Paulding County. The vehicle in which he and three others were riding declined to stop for an alleged speeding violation, leading to a pursuit through Paulding County that ended with a crash near Wayne Trace High School.

Everyone escaped serious injury, but three of the occupants fled from officers before all were apprehended several hours later following an extensive search.

Pursuits are always dangerous for all involved, including the traveling public, and seem to be occurring with more regularity in recent years.

More tragic was the shooting death of a Toledo police officer in the early morning hours of Saturday.

He was responding to a report of a drunken man in the parking lot of a Home Depot store. These can be somewhat common calls for police, but in this particular incident, the man turned and fired a gun at officer Anthony Dia, wounding him in the chest. Dia later died at a hospital.

Both of these incidents display how dangerous police officers’ jobs can be on any given day. It’s no wonder their families would worry about them every time they go off to work. They also should give us more appreciation for the professional lives of police officers and the good work most of them do despite constant danger.

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