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Granted, discussing a city government’s annual budget isn’t the most interesting or entertaining thing to do, although municipal finance directors might disagree. Indeed, sorting through a local government’s annual budget can be a bit tedious.

But in Defiance City Hall’s case, the 2021 budget that council approved last week can be fairly simply explained, at least when asking why it is 21% larger than this year’s adopted budget.

The spending plan has no provision for new hires, and in fact some positions may go unfilled, but the main difference is that the city has budgeted approximately $10 million this year to undertake a major improvement at the water treatment plant on Baltimore Road.

This is to install a new granulated activated carbon treatment process — needed to meet an Ohio EPA mandate — that will eliminate certain impurities in the drinking water and, it is thought, help with taste and odor problems.

This is one of the city’s biggest projects in recent years, and if all goes as planned, it should provide the city with a modern treatment system for years to come.

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