A downtown matter ...

Defiance City Hall’s proposal to establish a so-called “road diet” in downtown Defiance is moving forward with several presentations on the matter planned. With mostly state grant money, Mayor Mike McCann’s administration wants to add a bicycle lane and buffer zone on Clinton Street, between the Maumee River and Triangle Park.

The idea prompts a number of questions. Among them is how parking might be realigned where spaces are removed to make room for the bicycle lane and buffer zone. Another is whether a reduction in lanes to three in the 300, 400, 500 and 600 blocks of Clinton Street could cause traffic concerns in the downtown, by potentially backing up vehicles at busy times.

Because this plan prompts these questions, the issue deserves careful consideration and plenty of opportunities for public input. The administration plans to do that with a presentation coming to Defiance Rotary in a matter of weeks as well as public meetings for businesses who could be affected by the change and residents in general.

This will be interesting to determine the level of support, or opposition, whatever the case may be.

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