Dangerous profession ...

If policymakers in America’s larger cities carry through with promises to defund the police, it’s difficult to see how this will not undermine one of the country’s most important professions. The truth is most law-abiding citizens who welcome police officers in their communities depend on them in ways we take for granted.

That some police officers — very few of them statistically — have violated their oaths and committed crimes against citizens is without question. That is like every other profession that relies on imperfect humans.

Unfortunately, no matter how many statistics can be produced and despite matters of common sense, some Americans continue to push a negative narrative about police forces that is very harmful to police work and to law-abiding citizens.

So it is not surprising that some police officers — like the two deputies ambushed by a gunman in Los Angeles County last week — have become targets. Both officers survived, thankfully, but others before them have not. Where is the outrage about this?

If the current narrative and environment continues, how many good officers will quit, and how many would-be officers will say no to police work? Those scenarios can only have negative consequences for law-abiding citizens, and officers.

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