Pausing before 2021 ...

This is the time of year when people normally come together to celebrate what is the most favorite time of year for millions and eyes turn toward the next year and resolutions for improvement.

When it comes to the latter, 2021 surely will be the most anticipated turn of the calendar in some time — doubtlessly even more so than from 1999 to 2000. The reason is obvious enough — the coronavirus situation dominated 2020 and changed life as we know it.

People yearn for better things next year, and there are indications that this could happen with the arrival of vaccines to help make it possible. But great uncertainty remains.

While a new presidency and administration fills some people with joy and hope for 2021, approximately half the country does not share that sentiment. The reason is apparent: two competing visions continue to emerge for our country, and a significant question is how much middle ground there is to work with.

We know there is some. We would think most people in our area, for example, simply want to get back to normal living. We’ll watch 2021 closely to see if this will be possible. It’s certainly a starting point and the biggest hope we may all agree upon for the new year.

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