Speaking out ...

The silence in some circles about the violence visited upon innocent police officers — who individually have become targets for the simple reason that they wear blue uniforms — is at times deafening. So it’s nice to know that some public officials are concerned enough to voice their support for police publicly.

Such is the case with Defiance Mayor Mike McCann and his administration. McCann told The Crescent-News this week that he was so upset about the shooting of two Los Angeles County deputies in California last weekend that he will propose to city council the passage of a resolution supporting first responders generally and law enforcement officers in particular. The legislation may make it to council’s table as early as Tuesday night.

It’s no doubt a foregone conclusion that council members will concur with the mayor and approve this resolution.

They should. The vast majority of law enforcement officers are exemplary citizens who are supported by the American public in their efforts to enforce the law and protect the things we hold dear.

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