Giving thanks ...

When looking back upon 2020 at some future point, many likely will welcome its passing. This will be for a variety of reasons. First and foremost may be the scourge of coronavirus, which has claimed many lives and disrupted countless others. The year has been so trying that it could become a euphemism when referring sardonically to troubling times.

But even as this difficult year enters its final weeks, all of us can find something for which we are thankful. This doubtlessly will be challenging for some, and easier for others.

However, amidst portentous political times and a pandemic that seems to have no end comes hope for better times. An effective vaccine appears to be on its way which may not bring an end to coronavirus, but surely will lessen its impact and bring a greater sense of security for people the world over.

So, yes, 2020 has produced its frustrations, but as with all challenging times there’s always a reason, or reasons, to give thanks.

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