Confluence cleanup ...

Imagine the scene at the Maumee and Auglaize rivers 2 1/2 centuries ago. Long before Fort Defiance was built in 1794 and the settlement of Defiance sprung to life, the confluence of these rivers likely was a place of seclusion and serenity.

And to some extent, it remains that today.

Certainly, the confluence is not pristine like it may have been, say 250 years ago, but it remains serene and beautiful. And it may not necessarily be secluded, but it’s generally a peaceful place appreciated by community-minded people.

In recognizing this wonderful asset, the Defiance Rotary initiated a regular confluence cleanup in 2017. River cleanups, of course, are nothing new, with these dating back some years, but it’s nice to have an effort that is scheduled three times each year — in June, July and August.

Unfortunately, trash and litter remain a problem along our rivers — not unlike what we see on our roadsides, no matter how scenic. But the Rotary and others involved in respecting and maintaining the rivers have the right idea in mind. We applaud the organization’s effort to bring the rivers into focus.

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